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Many people are trying to succeed and they are hoping someone will one day come to them to ask what they have in mind and how they want to go about it. They are waiting for the helpers they need or hoping that someday a miracle will happen and they will get the help that they need.
I am reflecting on a popular Bible story about the woman who had nothing but a jar of oil and the prophet asked her to go and borrow several jars. The prophet also said she should borrow not a few. In other words, what is about to happen is bigger than you can imagine so don’t limit it with your imagination.
I also take that to mean she went to others to ask for help. I can imagine her saying something big is about to happen in my life. I need your help to make it happen. Can I please have a jar of oil? She went around asking people to help by just lending her a jar of oil.
Now the lesson to me is that most of those people she went to had the jars lying in their houses and used for nothing. If those jars were occupied they would not have been released to her. So I believe that some of the people you need to go and talk to for help already have what you are looking for! They probably don’t even need it and they are just waiting for someone to come and ask for it.
When you become bold enough to ask for help you will be amazed at how much you can get in order to move your business or career and family forward. Many of us are too shy. We don’t want people to think about us in a certain way and we begin to suffer in silence. We are looking at people who can help us yet we are keeping our mouths shut.
You have gone past that phase of keeping your mouth shut and not asking for help except you are not tired of your present state. How can you see the person who can help you in front of your and still not go to the person to ask for help?
It’s very important for you to note that you have to go out and ask for help. There may be people who will see you and know that you really need help but when you do not tell them that you really need help they will just assume you don’t need any help. So long as you have not told them that you need help they will never rise to help you.
Once you summon the courage to go to them and ask for help it will be as if they have been waiting for you to come and ask. What you will get after asking for their help will amaze you and you also wonder why you didn’t go there earlier to get help.
Life responds to what you are asking for and not what you are hoping for. People may know you are hoping to get some money but they will never ask you how much you are hoping to get. It’s a different ball game when you go to them and ask them for a specific amount. It works differently.
This is not the time to sit and hope for help to come. Take the bold step. Dust those files of ideas. Summon courage. Move out and start talking to people to help you. You will need to be bold to get help from some people. Don’t go there like a beggar. Go there like an intelligent person who is negotiating for something in life and you also have something to offer.

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