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I believe that as we watch we learn from the things that are happening around or the things that we see on television, hear on radio or view on the internet. We must learn from them and try as much as we can to bring those lessons into our lives. When those lessons become a part of our lives, we become better people and it is easier for us to move faster without making the same mistakes that some other people have made. I saw a film a few hours ago titled ‘The sins of Deacon Whyles.’  While that strikes me as an interesting title I suggest you hold on and not allow your imaginations run wild before I give you a shot, just in case you have not seen it.
Deacon Whyles is a young handsome man who has just moved into a small church  in town. A number of the ladies admire him and desperately compete for his attention. What struck me more is the fact that there are two sisters – sisters as in blood sisters not sisters as in church folks – contending for Deacon Whyles’ attention. The older seems to be more mature about it and she consults a few other people while the younger just tries out all the seductive tactics she’s learnt. While consulting an older woman who has also been in the church and has been in the same situation before, the woman said ‘be careful. I have been in the same situation before. I got the man but I lost a sister!’ Wow!
I thought about that for a while and started thinking about today’s world. Is that not what happens in our lives? We want something badly and we really don’t care who gets hurt in the process of getting what we want. It is amazing how people lose relationships just to hit some selfish goals. Guess what, you will hit the goals at the end of the day and by the time you hit those goals of yours, you would have lost all the important relationships.
So this is supposed to be a simple admonition. As the Bible would say, ‘let him that has ears hear what the spirit says unto the church.’ So I will say let him that has ears let him hear what Fola Daniel says to the readers or to the people. Wake up with some energy in the morning. Pursue your goals vigorously and never give up on them but it should not be at the expense of relationships.
While there is a price to pay for the things that you want, your relationships are definitely not a part of the price. You should never put your relationship in the way and trample on them just to get the petty things that you want. People are important and they will always be but whatever you achieve can be lost. Think on these things again. Go for what you want but not at the expense of relationships!

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