God forbid that I am a virgin at my age – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes you wonder where the world is going to that the compass in your sophisticated machines cannot tell you and the soothsayers in your religion bound communities cannot even predict.
A few months back some university undergraduates were on an excursion to the beach and someone started a discussion. I had a friend at the time who worked as the manager of a photography studio and the company had gotten a contract to take pictures of the event and print after the beach party. My friend who was the manager of the company at the time was obviously looking forward to having a great time taking pictures at the beach and coming back to the office to make more money but the obviously did not allow him get to the beach before they started amusing him with some bewildered thoughts.
As the conversation began a question followed almost immediately and it was about virginity of the female folks in the vehicle. A lady was asked if she was still a virgin and she amazingly said, “God forbid that I am a virgin at my age.” My friend was speechless! What madness has come over us that we no longer boast about morality but now boast of immorality that is a thing of shame? Where is the pride that used to be associated with being “reserved” until the wedding night?
I do not understand where we are going when we now live in times that a young undergraduate can open her mouth and say, “God forbid that I am a virgin at my age.” I was not there when she said it but from the reported speech I could imagine the ignorant arrogance from her anti-social creed.
The statement of this young undergraduate obviously goes beyond a personal issue because there will be fresh students on campus who would not know anything at the point of entry and would unfortunately meet this kind of mentally derailed mentor. Imagine a situation where a fresh young lady encounters this lady and begins to share her creed about virginity until after marriage. I also imagine the ignorantly arrogant lady listening carefully for a while and then laughing scornfully after listening only to start a lesson to brainwash this other young lady with a virgin brain.
Friends we have to check ourselves. We used to have a society that commits atrocities but is ashamed of those atrocities but the atrocities we used to ashamed of are what people now boast of. We obviously live in a mentally sick society where the abnormal has become normal and the supposedly normal values and ethics have become abnormal.
We can be carried away by the critically weird disaster bound course that the “new society” is charting for people if we follow quietly and with the fear of not wanting to deviate from what the crowd does. Of what value is it to follow a group simply for the fear of not wanting to be different when destruction is not only obvious but certain?

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