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I know some of you are too big and so perfect that you don’t need any help anymore from anywhere so you cannot relate with what I am about share right now. There are also the people who feel like their world is turning upside down and they just don’t seem to understand anything. The more they try to understand the issues the more confusing they become. People have talked about patience and they have been so patient but nothing seems to be forth coming.
I know about people who, for years, have been trying very hard just to gain admission into a university and I also know about those who are really struggling to eat and to get a place to live in. some others in a country like mine do not have homes and families so all they ever wait for is just the dark time and then they can decide where they want to lay their heads. For some others, it just looks like the work is going down the drain and nothing is going to happen to change the situation. I can easily think of officers who have been on the same level for years and have not gotten any promotion and they cannot live up to some of their social responsibilities in the society.
For me, I have been in situations where I really know that I was putting in far more than I was getting for me efforts! At some point, nothing was even coming in and those who did not seem to put in much either with efforts or content are getting a lot! In the corners of my room I have cried. The pillows on my bed have mopped tears from my weary eyes. My lips have ceaselessly uttered prayers in anticipation of change.
Hope has always been kept alive and I never for once consider giving it up but I really get to points where I feel I need to keep hoping and put in more efforts to prove my faith but it just seems I don’t have the needed energy. Sometimes I wake up with so much energy and at other times I just cant tell where the energy has gone to.
In all of this I almost feel like asking, whats the point talking about hope, purpose, destiny, glorious future and expected blessings when none seems to have any traceable connection to your present state but I just burst out saying, God help me!
I don’t know about you but I need Gods help. I really need him in my situation like never before and I guess you’re going to need him more than you’ve ever done in your life. I can feel someone needs to say, God help me with the bills for my children! I can feel another person would have loved to tell God to help me fix their broken families and their broken marriages.
Some people just shout and scream out of fear for what they have always thought will happen but never happened. We’ve got issues to deal with and we really need to get serious and stop acting like everything is under our control when it is actually spinning out of control.
If your ego will not let you talk, I’ve got nothing to lose by dropping me ego so I can at least shout, Gooooood! . Help me because if no one does, I have no way out and I’m as good as dead!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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