God, let not my ambitions destroy me! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have seen a number of people and also heard about several others who started out on very good notes but ended in terrible mess because the very thing they desired became the things that destroyed them! Many of us have asked God to bless us and make us rich so that we can become very comfortable and be able to do all those other things in our hearts but God in his infinite mercy has been withholding a measure of blessing from us because he knows we may not be able to handle that level of wealth!
Sometimes some people think that wealth is something so easy to handle but there are people who have become wealthy and have become afraid of that wealth they have always wanted! Do not be deceived! Money intoxicates! Power can destroy! Blessings and push you to destruction if you refuse to watch it! I think that people sometimes need to take a break from asking God to bless them and start asking that the coming blessings of God will not destroy them! When God blesses you it will be very important for you to be equipped to handle the blessing! If you do not have the capacity to handle the blessing it can lead to your destruction!
All I sometimes want is that God will give me the grace to handle the blessings he’s bringing my way! I sometimes take my eyes off the things that I don’t have and the things that I still want God to do for me because I have the assurance that God will do them. We should always remember that the real issue we have is not if God will do some things for us but what will happen after God has done those things! Some people beg God so much to give them good wives and when they get those very good wives they then become wife beaters! Some others ask God to bless them and break protocols for them and some of these people without an education or any experience become blessed but they forget their backgrounds and trample on other people.
We should know that when God blesses us and we become very arrogant about the things that God did for us, it costs god nothing to withdraw those blessings but He is too wise to be dragging with us! God would want us to get another chance to revisit our attitude towards other people over the things that He blessed us with. We should never be proud! We should never allow the blessings of God intoxicate us! We need to remember that we did not create certain things for ourselves, it took the grace of God for those things to happen for us! When God makes things happen for us, we should not make others look weak because those things have not happened in their own lives! Sometimes many of us are like the servants whose masters have traveled for a long time and we have decided to brag and intimidate others using the properties belonging to our masters! We have made everyone to believe that we own those things we are bragging with and suddenly, the master who is really the owner of all things in the house returns and strips us of all the powers we attributed to ourselves and still goes a step further to make sure we lose the small privileges that we used to have!
God has no problem blessing people and I know it costs him nothing to throw me or anyone into limelight within a short time but the real issue is what happens after God plays his part in blessing us! That’s why I humbly pray, and hope you do the same as well, that my ambitions and the blessings I am asking from God will not destroy me.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
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