God’s beauty will perfect everything | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

​Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God hath shined ~ Psalms 50:2 KJV.
Sometimes life may have dealt us some very serious blows. Things may have become so terrible and our lives may just seem to be out of colour. We sometimes go through so many things that we cannot explain or share with other people. We just groan everywhere we go, walking around with our burdens and hoping for a miracle.
Some of us have even scaled through that phase of troubles but those troubles have left us with some obvious scars. So the trouble is over but the scars from the trouble is what people still use to describe us. Now we want to forget the pain but the scar will not let us forget. In fact, it is hard to forget because we are still being called by the name the scar has given us.
This was the experience of Mephibosheth. He was a baby that was carried by a nurse who was on the run and trying to save his life. He has forgotten about that issue where he lost his father and lost his status as a prince but the scar of being lame remained in his life. The scar did not only remain, it was stopping him from moving forward in life. A king even remembered him but someone was about to remind the king about the scar of Mephibosheth.
Your scars may be so obvious that they are stopping you from moving forward. The scars have become an uncomfortable description for you and you have also begun to accept that description. You will not have to stay with that shame or scar anymore. God’s beauty will come over you and perfect everything. Psalm 50 verse 2 says, ‘out of Zion the perfection of beauty, God hath shine.
I pray God will shine towards you and perfect everything in your life with beauty. God eventually shined towards Mephibosheth and beautified his life. At the end of the day, he began to sit with the king and dined with the king. You may have been covering your face in shame but God will perfect everything concerning you with a beautiful situation.
In Isaiah 61:3, the Bible says, ‘To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes…’ The ashes are the unpalatable situations that your troubles left you with. The many sorrows that constant fill your heart when remember some past events are the ashes but Jesus says that one of the reasons he has been anointed is to give you beauty for ashes. In this month of perfection, God will perfect everything in your life and give you beauty for ashes.
I can say emphatically that it does not matter what you have been through or lost in life. God always has a way of bringing them back in a better way. If you think you lost a husband or wife, God knows how to give you a beautiful family again. If you lost a house, God knows how to give you estates. If you lost a job, God has a plan to make you a giver of jobs. 
You will recall that Job in the Bible lost everything. This was a man who had everything going for him but lost it all. He was being mocked by his friends from time to time. He had no house to live in and the trouble got worse. One day, his own wife asked him to curse God and just die. After everything, the God who knows how to perfect everything with beauty restored unto Job all that he lost and much more than he had before the losses.
The God of perfection does not sleep and is definitely not sleeping over your matter. He will beautify that situation in your life and make everything perfect for you again in Jesus precious name.

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