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Many of us understand the fact that God is a consistent God. He never changes, he has never changed and will never change in the future. He will always be the same and that is not debatable by anyone. Most people agree on these facts about God but then his diversity throws in some confusion especially when we as humans only try to relate with him from the angle of his consistence and forget the angle of his diversity.
Many agree that God never changes and they can also prove it. Over the years I have also heard preachers say that we and God can form an equation. In that equation, God is the constant factor but we as humans are the variable. That means while God is predictable, human beings cannot and will always be unpredictable.
Having said that, do you think that the consistence of God means that he does the same thing in the same way all the time? You will be missing out a great deal to imagine or even presume that God is consistent and it therefore means he does the same thing the same way every time.
A good example of God’s consistence is the fact that he answers prayers. We have tried him over and over again and we believe that he never fails. But a recognition of his diversity will remind you that when he answers prayers, he does not answer them in the same manner all the time. Even big prophets almost missed it in the Bible just because they saw God only as a consistent God.
God was to pass by and speak to Elijah in the Bible. Elijah almost missed because he thought God would show up in the other ways that he was used to. There was wind, earthquake, fire and then a still small voice. I guess he would have said God used to answer by the wind but he did not show up in the wind this time. Finally God showed up in a different way.
I am thinking that it is possible you have also missed the answers to some prayers that you offered to God not because God did not answer but because you are used to him answering in a certain way. So when he did not answer in the way you were used to, you thought he did not answer.
You will recollect that God had shown himself in diverse manners in the Bible unto the patriarchs of faith. When God wanted to appoint Moses he told Moses to describe him unto the children of Israel as I AM. I take that to mean he can be anything. He can show up in different ways and can work in different ways.
So I will urge you to hold unto the fact that God will always be consistent but you need to be flexible enough to see that he will always work in diverse ways. We miss too many things by agreeing to his consistence and not being sensitive enough to his diversity.
When you are praying about your future spouse, know that God will answer but he may not show up to say the brother’s name is this or that. When you are praying for a job, God will answer but the job may not come through the regular advertisement of vacancies you can apply for through which you get a job. He might give you an instruction and while obeying the instruction he rewards you with the job. So you might be waiting to see a vacancy but God has already answered the prayer and it will manifest if only you obey the given instruction.
God will always be God and to enjoy God to the maximum, we should believe in his consistence and appreciate his diversity. We must never box him into anyone in any situation with our requests or worship.  
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