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The last few years have been very challenging for me and that’s just putting it in a very modest way. There are things I’ve been working on that have not turned out the way I expect them to and there are unmet expectations here and there. In the middle of all these I find the courage to provide inspiration to other people by speaking and writing consistently.
Lately I think God has been trying to say something to me as well. I am sharing this because I think that’s what he is also saying to someone out there. There are a few people who think that everything is going perfectly well because they see me on television, hear me on radio and also read my works on the internet.
While doing my best to be very consistent and making sure my personal issues don’t take over or affect the things that I do in any way, it will be very deceitful to pain a near perfect picture for the life I’ve had recently. I am grateful things are working and some results are coming in. Things can also be a lot better but there is something that has started coming repeatedly to me.
One day while I spoke with a confidant, he simply asked me to keep doing what I am doing. At another time I spoke with someone else and the person also told me to keep doing what I am doing. I started hearing so many people say that to me and just yesterday I was with someone who said the same thing again.
For a moment it just hit me that it might be God trying to say something to you and I. maybe you have been doing something for years and it does not seem to be working. You are the only one who understands the value of what you are doing. Most of the people around you think you are wasting your times.
There are those who even know the value of what you are doing but haven’t been of much help to you in anyway. So you have been thinking and rethinking. You want a way out and you really need to get that way fast since results are not coming. If that’s what you are thinking then I can tell you are not alone. I have thought about that many times over.
I sometimes can’t really explain why I haven’t given up on some of the things I am doing. I just find that it harder for me to give up than it is to continue with them. Just when the temptations are high and you are being taunted by results from people who don’t seem as capable as you are, you hear someone say to you, ‘keep doing what you are doing.’
It’s possible there is something you are very good at. You know how to do it so well and so many other people are admitting it’s something you can really do. In fact, they’ve asked that you help them out a couple of times but you still have not result to show for all the skills that you have. For others we can simple say the result is coming in but it is not commensurate with the competencies put in.
You are feeling the way I was feeling and still feeling in some areas. More importantly, I think God is saying you should keep doing what you are doing. It may be tough and you may think that your results are not coming. I have an assurance that nothing you have done is in vain. Even for those jobs where you were not paid in full you will still be abundantly compensated.
You may not understand why this is coming to you and you may not know why you need it right now but you should keep doing what you are doing so long as it’s the right thing to do and you are doing it right. As for those expected results, you will be shocked when the results will come from places you don’t expect. This is a great encouragement for me but I thought to share it with you because your results are coming sooner than you expect. Therefore, keep doing what you are doing. That’s what I think God is trying to say to you.

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