Going down is easy, going up is work | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Life presents a lot of challenges and difficulties and sometimes, they pop up at the least expected moment. We want things to be good and turn out well most times but we get that jolt from life. Interestingly, when we are getting our jolt, that’s when things look for beautiful for other people.
Don’t forget what they say about the grass looking greener on the other side. It always looks greener on the other side but when you get there, you realize it’s not that green. It only appeared so because you were watching from a distance. When things seem tough for us, that’s when it looks like it’s so easy for other people and we wonder why things are not so easy for us.
Well, let me inform or remind you that things may seem well for others but it may not really be well. Some people are just good at concealing what they are going through. There are those who don’t know how to keep their challenges to themselves so it is pretty obvious when they have issues. For many others, it will take some drilling before you get to know what they are going through.
It’s not always what it seems on the outside so when you are making a decision and you are looking at how things are for others, be sure your decision is not based on what things seem like but what they really are.
You should remember that things seem easy when the way is down but they seem hard when the way is up. Just picture a cyclist in your ahead. Or remember times when you’ve had to ride a bicycle up or down a slope. You know so well that you don’t have to use the pedals when going down. It’s so easy to go down and when you are not careful, you go so fast and can even fall. At other times, you just enjoy the speed and the fun that comes with the effortless progress.
When you are going up the hill, there is no such thing as effortless progress. You’ll have to apply some energy. Most times, you will not even be able to sit down while cycling because you’re going up. You have to stand and apply all the energy that you have in order to move up. If you don’t do that, there is no way you can go up.
With that picture in mind, always remember that going up may not always be rosy. It’s not every time you get an elevator in life that takes you from the ground floor to any other desired floor within minutes. In fact, if you find any life elevator you should be careful about getting on board. Anything good is worth working for. Anything good is worth waiting and preparing for so that you can handle it properly when it comes.
I believe you will get to the top. You are already on your way there. Things may seem hard for you and easy for others. It does not mean that you are on the wrong path. Just press on. Sometimes, those who seem to have it easy may be the one on the wrong path. Don’t forget you are after something good and it’s going to take a while with some effort to get.
Keep going and keep pushing until you get what you want. Going up requires more effort and it’s always easier when you finally get up there.

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