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I once saw a quotation from Napoleon Hill and it simply says, ‘A man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.’ Now I strongly believe that this is true and it works for people who are solely committed to what they have set out to do in life. Men and women who understand how proper business should be done and do not take excellence for granted operate in this manner. Have you seen people who seem to be earning so much in their fields and others are wondering why they are doing only a little right now and they are earning so much? The answer is simple. You have to remember that there was a time when these people were not being paid so much to do what they were doing but they still did a lot of work. They did not consider the little pay that they were getting at the time they started but put in their best. Over the years, they have consistently put in their best and now they can earn more than they have been working for.
Once in a while I talk to some people and we get to talk about consultants who are earning so much in their fields. Some of them begin to question the ability of these consultants to earn so much and I make them realize that these consultants had days when they worked so hard and got so little. For some of them who are public speakers or management consultants, they probably had days when they spent so much time preparing for a speaking engagement or a training and were only paid a little. At other times, some of them were not even paid a dime. After they had consistently done good jobs for other people the doors of bigger businesses opened for them and people start paying them for far more than they are doing. To a great extent, it is a matter of being consistently excellent.
When you start out in life, you have to sometimes look away from only the price you will get. Focus on delivering quality and satisfying the client. When you see what the client wants and you have something better, you should go the extra mile. When you go the extra mile for your clients they will always be happy that you have offered more than they paid for. Some of those clients may not be able to pay you so well for now but sometimes in the near future they may be able to pay more than you can imagine. Someone them may also never stop talking about you but that is if you have done a good job and have gone the extra mile for them. I have one car electrician who has, at different times gone the extra mile to get things done for me. He is ever so patient to do his job when he has to do things for me and that has made me talk about him to several other people who have issues with their cars.
Don’t say that you will only do the things that you have been paid for and nothing more. There is more to life than money. There is more to life than what others are offering you. You also have to be willing to offer others something beyond what they are paying for. If you want to earn more than you are earning, one of the things you can do is to certainly do more than what you are doing for other people.
To earn more, don’t only ask for more. Just do more and you will also get more than you are asking for!       
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