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A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you. – Psalms 91:7

Grace manifests in different ways and one of such is that it stands you out in times of troubles. There can be a disaster going on and taking house holds one after the other but yours is separated. People can be talking about how they have been robbed but you just keep wondering what they are talking about.

Some families may be lamenting about how difficult it is to raise their teenagers but you just notice you’re not sweating over yours. Despite putting in little effort to raise them, they are so obedient and godly. Some organisations may be downsizing but every time they need to do that, you’re just not affected. Instead of being laid off, you’re getting promoted.

Grace can ensure the troubles around don’t get to you, no matter how hard it hits others. That’s what the Bible means in Psalm 91:7 where it says a thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you. A situation where something bad affects eleven thousand people is a really terrible one. It is also rare to not be affected by such but God guarantees that you will not be affected.

When you receive grace for exception, you are exempted from troubles, suffering, crisis, death, disaster and any other unpleasant thing. You simply hear things like, ‘it happened after you left or just before you came.’ Troubles touch people but don’t touch you.

There was grace for exception upon Isaac in his life time. A famine came upon the land and Isaac wanted to leave. God told him not to leave so he stayed in Gerer and sewed in the land in a time of famine. In a time of famine you ought to be busy looking for food and how to survive. BUt Isaac sewed in the Land and the Bible says he reaped a hundred fold in Genesis 26. It is the grace for exception that can make a man sew in famine and still get full harvest.

Reading through the book of Exodus, we see God giving the grace for exception to the children of Israel. Ten different plagues were used to disturd the Egyptians but none of the plagues came upon the Israelites. The children of Israel were in Goshen, inside Egypt. Despite being there, all the plagues that God sent to Egypt did not touch Goshen. When all the first born of the Egyptians and firstborn of their animals died but not a single bird was missing in Goshen.

In this world that is filled with bad news, you really need the grace for exception as a child of God. When you turn on the television, it is bad news. When you turn on the radio, it’s most likely bad news. When you go on the internet, it’s not a different situation. Bad news is what is reigning and trending. In fact, some people are just waiting for their turn of the bad news but that will not be you in Jesus precious name.

You will be exempted from evil. You will not be a partaker of any calamity. Your family will be separated from disaster. In a time of famine you will sew and get full harvest. When others are rejected you will be celebrated in Jesus. The grace for exception will come upon you and separate you from those who will mourn, struggle and labour for the rest of their lives in Jesus mighty name.

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