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When we look around today it is easy to see so many talented young and old people who seem to be doing nothing with all the talents that they have. Some are still moving around and trying to figure out what to do but still have not been able to get anything. They have dreams, they have visions, they have very nice ideas and everything sounds just perfect when they talk. You can almost imagine everything they are saying and how colourful it will be if they eventually achieve the things they are talking to you about. You can tell that they have great gifts and sometimes, you desire their gifts. If they have gifts, why then are they still struggling?
I know we must have heard the Bible verse that says the gift of a man will make room for him. We also would have heard the one that says a man who is diligent in his works will stand before kings and not before mean men. While all of these are true, we should never neglect the fact of the other verses that tell us it is the blessings of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow. It did not say it is the talent that makes rich or the gift that makes rich. Although it is clear that the gift will make room but it cannot of its own power make blessings. If gifts can automatically make blessings, every gifted person will be blessed.
We should not forget verses of the Bible that tell us God will simply have mercy on the ones he chooses to have mercy on. When I hear of such verses, it humbles me and simply reminds me of one thing. When you have great gifts and the grace of God does not rest on them, you will continue to struggle in all that you do.
Have you seen talented yet frustrated people? Have you also seen some people who just seem so luck and they have everything working for them just the way they want and in some cases, more than they bargained for. When you have the grace of God resting heavily on the skills or gifts that you operate with, things will become easy for you. When you touch something it works. When you call for something you get. Ideas pop up in your head and when you speak it will be as though you are the only one who thinks. There is no such thing as frustration. You conceive and you implement because you have the grace of God which also attracts the needed resources for you.
I want to suggest that if you have been trying to work very hard with your gifts alone, try asking God to put his grace on your gifts. People can tell you that you are highly gifted. They love your works. They really want to be around you because they love what you do. If all of the praises or accolades do not translate into productivity for you, the grace of God is still very much needed.
Ask today, for the grace of God and have a combination of your gifts and God’s grace working for you. Imagine that you become irresistible to others. Think about a moment when nearly every idea you propose sales through. You ask for little and you are given so much. You expect challenges but everything eases out. That in a way is the combination of grace plus your gift.
If you have tried working with gifts alone, try grace plus gift and experience the difference!

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