Greater things that will save you from shame | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now – John 2:10 KJV
Almost immediately after Jesus had chosen his disciples, he was invited to a wedding in Cana and his mother was also there. At the wedding, it seemed as though the groom was about to be put to shame. He needed to do something desperately and whatever he was going to do was to be done fast.
You can imagine a wedding without food or drinks. It is always very embarassing for the couple because guests will complain and some will leave. If the wedding is taking place in some areas where you have agrressive people, tempers will rise and you will hear people shouting at the top of their voices just to get something to eat or drink.
While the groom was thinking about what to do to save the situation, Mary, the mother of Jesus stepped into the situation. She walked up to Jesus to tell him they didn’t have wine. One would wonder if Jesus did not see everything himself. He certainly saw everything but he did not get involved until he was invited. That tells us if we are to see greater things happen in our lives, we need to invite Jesus and give him the room to do what he alone can do in any situation.
When Jesus finally stepped in, we saw how he turned water to wine and saved the marriage from a big shame that would have been widely reported. In verse 10 of John 2, we saw the chairman of the occassion commending the groom and also asking why he reserved the best for the last since that was not the norm then.
The man did not know what had happened in the background. One can also say that the couple did not have money anymore. This conclusion is drawn because the couple would have gone to by more wine, if they had the money, at the time it was reported that they had run out of wine. They certainly knew where to buy wine so the shame would not have been that they ran out of wine but that they didn’t have money to get more wine for the guests.
I pray for you that in the name of Jesus, God will step into every situation that is about to put you to shame. Instead of shame, you will see greater things. Every situation that is lacking wine in your life will begin to receive the good wine from the Lord Jesus.
The lack of wine can represent a situation where everything has come to a standstill. For couples, it may mean they are no longer enjoying their marriage. When a business lacks wine, it will not get clinets or see customers and money will not flow in. The business owner may even begin to see other people whose businesses are folding up but for you, there will be no folding up in Jesus name. A life may lack wine because there is no joy in that life. The absence of joy may be due to some expectations that haven’t been met. This expectation can be to get a spouse or a couple waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb. Whatever represents the lack of wine in yourr life, I pray that God will step in and you will receive the good wine of the Lord.
Instead of being put to shame, you will end up rejoicing in the name of Jesus. It is only greater things that you will experience this month because the God of greater things will step into your situation in Jesus name.

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