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I think it will be safe to say that everybody loves growth but there is hardly anyone who wants the pains that come with growth. If it was really possible to grow without experiencing pains, then most of us will desire the growth and throw the pains away. Unfortunately, it is impossible to grow without some form of pains in the most crucial phases of growth.
A baby cannot grow without pains. Animals too don’t grow without pains. Businesses can’t grow without the owner experiencing some form of pains. We can’t grow in life without some form of pains or real sacrifices. In order to grow, one must be willing to go through or ‘grow through’ the painful process.
Let’s start with a baby to get a perfect picture of growth and groaning. As the baby grows within the system of the woman, there are physiological changes that cause real pains to the woman. She is happy about the pregnancy but in order to keep the ‘life’ growing inside her, she must be prepared for some pains. While those pains are not enjoyable, they prove that what you carry inside you is alive. When there is no pain or movement felt within the system, the carrier of the baby becomes worried and quickly visits a doctor. When the baby is to be delivered, the mother goes through some pains. When the child starts growing, pains will signify the teething stage of the child. There are so many things that the child will go through and it is pains that will signify those levels and new changes yet all these are necessary for the child to grow.
In life, so many things will come our way. A lot of pains will be experienced. I think it will be nice to say that we can choose the pains we experience in some cases and that means we have decided on the kind of growth we want. The growth we choose will then determine the pains that will come along with them. Sometimes, some people will not be aware that they have chosen growth and pains. They can only say that they have some goals they need to accomplish. Once you decide to accomplish a goal, you have signed up for growth and pains.
A boxer will experience pains in order to become heavy weight champion. A footballer will experience pains in order to win a tournament, become best player, highest goal scorer or best goal keeper and many more. Women experience pains in order to be called mothers. Tennis players stretch themselves in order to win. Business owners take risks and in some cases suffer losses just to keep business going. So many people lose their sleep or wake up so early just to get what they want in life.
You should not think that the pains you are going through are not normal. They are perfectly normal. If you do not go through those pains, you cannot get to that level you are aspiring to get to. I can’t imagine a primary school pupil who wants to get into university but does not want to write promotional exams. How will he or she ever make through primary school?
It is a good thing to dream and hope for the best in life but as you are dreaming and hoping for the best, you must begin to prepare your mind for the growth that you need in order to get to the destination you have set for yourself. If you look at the pains alone, you will not go through them and you will forfeit the gains of growing.
Though it is very important to go through pains to experience growth, I must say that it is not every kind of pain that you have to go through. You need to ask yourself what pain will produce at the end of the day. If the pain will not birth any growth in you, then you should not suffer long for no reason. You have to know why you are going through a process so that it can be a productive process of pain. I am not unmindful of the fact that we usually go through some divinely orchestrated processes of pains that will lead to growth. And that means, we will go through some kinds of pains that we don’t understand and may not be able to walk away from.
For the pains to produce growth, you must know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Once that is clear to you then the pain becomes more productive but you should never expect that you will experience real growth without some form of pains.

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