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Favour is an experience that many of us really want to have. We talk about it and also make references to those who say they have experienced favour. It is even more appealing to the ears when you have been labouring and no result is forthcoming. We all want the favour but we hardly look at some of those things that can delay the favour.
I was talking about favour recently in a meeting and it suddenly struck me that one of the things that can delay favour is grumbling. The example that came to my mind easily was that of the children of Israel who got a promise from God.
God was going to take them from Egypt to a promised land. In order to proof that God was really serious about the promise, he killed the first sons of the enemy who would not let them go easily. He destroyed their land. He sent plagues to them. Those people could not just rest until they allowed the Israelites go. Guess what? They did not go empty handed. They were given a blank cheque when they were leaving. God gave them the permission to ask for anything from the Egyptians and anything they asked for they got!
Wow! Can you imagine someone going this far just to prove his commitment to a promise he made to you? The promise was also time bound. They were going to get into the amazing land in 40 few days. Thats how fast their big break was going to come. It was certain and they needed to brace up for it.
As with every other good thing, this promise would not come to pass without its own challenges. So they set out for the journey and started seeing challenges on their way. Unfortunately, they forgot the value of the promise and started looking at the size of the challenges they were facing at the moment.
What did that mistake of distraction do to them? They could not appreciate where they were going and what they were going to get if only they stood against all odds. They only focused on the challenges they were facing and started grumbling.
Grumbling did something terrible to them. It took away their memories of the terrible things the Lord had done to their enemies just to save them. Grumbling made them forget all the great miracles they had experienced. They had forgotten that they eat miraculously without having to fend for themselves or even cook anything.
Unfortunately, their grumbling did not stop. They grumbled so much that they started talking about death instead of life. They said Moses had brought them into the wilderness to kill them. How can God promise you a place and you would think that you are going to die before getting to the place when he is also the one guiding you to the place?
They kept grumbling and because of the challenges they kept seeing death. So God got angry with them and said as you have said in my ears, so will I do unto you.  Numbers 14:28. What were they saying in Gods ears? It was death! So God did something to them. God killed most of the adults.
More importantly, the rest of the people who were preserved  the young ones  eventually made it to the promised land but all of them together spent 40 years instead of 40 days. Why was that? As they grumbled they delayed the process of their favour.
Can you imagine that a journey would be prolonged into 40 years instead of just 40 days? God had favoured them and he was about to complete something great in their lives but the grumbled continuously. As they continued with the grumbling, God delayed their favour.
Do you want God to favour you? Or do you think your favour had been prolonged? Check if you are a grumbler and stop the grumbling today.  
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