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Consciously forming good habits.
Most of us form habits unconsciously and intuitively. That’s why it looks like we already have habits that we can’t break. Now we have to learn to form habits consciously. Just as we must learn to form habits consciously, we have to unlearn or break some other bad habits that we have consciously. In fact, most of the habits that people learn unconsciously are bad habits or the unproductive habits that we may not be able to call bad habits.
So how do you consciously form a good habit? Here’s my suggestions:
1. What do you want to do or who do you want to become in life?
2. Question one then leads you to what do you have to do daily to in order to get there?
3. Once you have it figured out and written it clearly, please commit to making a habit from it. For example, you may choose to become an international speaker. That takes care of question 1. Once that is on your mind then you have to develop your speaking and writing skills. You will have to speak daily, even if it is in front of your mirror, and write daily before you can become a national best selling author! That takes care of number 2. But number 3 can be more important. If you know what you want to do and don’t commit to getting it done, you will only have a wish. You will fantasize on the wish but nothing will change until you get up and do something.
4. You have to do it when it convenient or not. Some people see my writings almost everyday online and they ask me how I do it. It is as simple or as hard as, depending on you, doing the things that will take you to your desired destination when it is convenient and when it is not. I write when I feel like and when I don’t feel like. When I started, I used to write only when I felt I had the inspiration to. Now, I try to work with a list of possible topics to write on and compel myself to write. I have also noticed that as I compel myself to write, it becomes easier! Habits are formed when done consistently and not looking at how easy it will be.
5. Doing things consistently up unto the point when you don’t have to think too much before doing it is what makes it a habit.
6. Be careful because even good habits can have excesses so strike a balance.
Habits of heroes
1. They define where they are going in life. Think of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.
2. They take daily steps that will get them into the picture of their future.
3. To form the good habits needed, heroes also have a habit of being disciplined!
4. Heroes are readers and reading is a regular habit for them.
5. Heroes are very good listeners. They listen to people and listen to specific instructions to help them become better people in life.
6. There’s hardly any hero without a coach – think of athletes or football stars.
7. Heroes develop themselves.
8. Anyone who will become a hero will also have a habit of constantly helping others. Think about Mother Theresa.
9. Heroes are not in a hurry to become great and cut corners. They know it takes time and consistent practice.
10. Humility may be debatable as a habit but if for whatever reason you agree it is, then I can say heroes are humble!
There may be more not listed here but could fall under some of the categories listed. Do you want to become a hero in your time or even for generations to come? Well, it may not be as far fetched as you think. What it takes can be summarised as define where you are going, do what will take you there daily and be disciplined enough to stay committed in forming a habit out of it.

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