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We all want to be great in life and sometimes become the heroes in the environment where we live or in the state or nation. Others even want to become international heroes. If you are going to become a hero, then there things you need to pay special attention to. It does not just happen that heroes emerge without consciously doing something before the opportunity to show yourself.
Since we are looking at the habits of heroes, I want to make this really simple and not even presume that anyone knows what I am talking about. It is therefore important for me to break this down and start by looking into the words ‘habit and hero’ separately. Once that is done, I will want to bring them together again and then talk about their expected habits.
Habit can be defined as an action done on regular basis. It is also defined as an action performed repeatedly and automatically, usually without awareness. Habit can also be an addiction. All these are definitions from an electronic English dictionary.
Types of Habits (These are my own classification)
Good habits
Under the good habits I have also created the productive and unproductive habits. There are so many habits that one may cultivate that are good and also productive. Reading can be a very productive habit. Thinking, writing, exercising every morning and mixing with people might be a good social habit. There are some habits that you may not be able to call bad habits but they are also not productive. I just mentioned mixing with people as a social habit. You might be mixing with people who are not bad people. They may not be involved in any form of vices and they may appear to have general good behaviour. Despite that, if they are not forward thinking and they don’t challenge your mind, your social relationship with them is unproductive. You should not make a habit of being around such people any longer. This is important because some unproductive habits will eventually lead to bad habits.
Bad Habits
As I did under the good habits, I have also classified this as a destructive and non destructive habits. Staying out of school might be a bad habit but it may not be destructive, depending on what you do when you stay out of school. Some folks stay out of school to generally avoid classes and are not doing anything with their lives. Those ones might eventually be destroyed. But when you have someone who stays out of school and goes to a workshop to learn things, it is still a bad habit but it is non destructive. I say it is bad because education will still help in whatever you choose to become. And I say it is not destructive because it means the person has already chosen a different career path.
How habits are formed.
Having looked at some definitions of habits and types, let’s also take a look at how some habits are formed.
1. What you do often will become a habit.
2. The people you move with will leave you with a habit.
3. What you desire can make you form habits.
4. The things you are listening to will gradually help you form habits.
5. Your environment – location – will also drop habits into you.
6. Anything that brings rewards can demand repetition and then habits can be formed.
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