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It’s really amazing how from Monday to Friday we live with all the challenges we have and some other people are just under the whole situation feeling extremely helpless because everything just does not seem to be working out. On Saturday they find a place to either play away the worries or drink away their sorrows at the beach and on Sunday they seat behind the makeup kit for a few minutes to be able to carry the acceptable face to church! ‘How’re you doing sister,’ another fellow in church will ask on Sunday and because we must be people of faith the programmed answer that comes out is, ‘I’m fine, and you?’
We have become so spontaneous at responding to everyone regarding how fine we claim to be when in fact we are really not fine because another Monday is approaching and that, for so many people, means another set of bills they really have to pay. For some others it’s the fact that every other person wakes up and has something to do or somewhere to go but they really have nowhere to go. It’s the compelled idleness that’s killing them and it’s like freedom from oppression any day they have something to do outside of the habitation that has become their little cage.
There are those who are even living under the oppression of a spouse turned monster and don’t have the guts to speak up! It’s gotten really bad for some people that the routine they have created for themselves are the only consolation they have so they find themselves working really late not because they so desire to work late but because the work keeps them away from their worries.
When you look at a number of people closely you can tell that there’s more to the mechanically programmed smiles on their faces! There’s more to the makeup which only gives people a ‘look-good feel.’ If you had a chance to see into the people wearing nice jackets on Monday to Friday or on Sundays then you will realize how much is locked up inside those jackets. I almost even dare say that some people have been feeding fat on their challenges and their fatness is not at all related to living comfortably. They’ve built habits around food and each time they think about the situation they indulge themselves by eating up everything. It’s the same issue that makes some other people dress all up to give people the impression that everything’s fine! I have seen how people can live in mansions yet they can be so lonely and desperately yearning for companionship.
Wait a minute! Can I stop flipping through these catalogues of hitherto concealed challenges and ask you to hang on in there? When I say hang on I don’t mean you should continue with the habits you have built as a result of depression or as a result of the other circumstances in your life. I am asking you to look beyond the situation right now. Hold your head high and look at what you are going to become when this is all over! ‘
I know this situation will not kill you but it’s not enough to be alive when the situation is gone. You need to be able to point to how the situation, though not comfortable, has been able to make you a better person and has propelled you to a better stage in your life. It’s not enough to say this will soon be over but you have to say this is what I will be when it’s all over and I will be the real person I want to be instead of the person I am trying to be with my make up or my jackets!
I can only ask you to hang on in there because if you get out of it now then you will not be able to build yourself for the next phase. Your current challenges are just right for this phase of your life and they will be gone because you are getting into another phase! When you were 5 years old you didn’t face these kinds of challenges! When you were 10 or 15 you didn’t face these challenges and you must remember that it’s not because they did not exist at that time! It’s simple because you had not gotten to that phase. If you had gotten to that phase you would have experienced the same thing.
You will soon get into a new phase and the present challenges will not be needed there but I must tell you that in the new phase, you will also get some new challenges that will be required to get you into the next level so … hang on … in there!
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