Happiness from within | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

As I drove through the streets of Lagos on a very sunny afternoon I turned on the car stereo just to catch up with some of the things happening in town and it was then a fairly young man was talking about some of the things that people are doing just to be happy with themselves in one way or the other. At some point during the presentation it struck me that all the people he was talking about where people who sincerely sought personal happiness either from some material things or from some other people that they live with, work with or meet with regularly! It’s amazing how people strongly desire to be happy but are looking for their happiness in what other people are doing or are not doing for them and in some cases; what they are able to buy or what they have been able to achieve!
When your personal happiness hinges on what you get, do or achieve then you really have a long way to go as far as being happy is concerned! First you must realize that others are only capable of making you smile or laugh by doing so many funny things or trying very hard to please you but they honestly cannot give you through happiness because most of the people you are expecting happiness from are also looking for it desperately!
You have to believe in the person that you are and what you can do to get to where you are and you must not let the opinion of other people determine when you will be happy and when you will be sad! There are so many people who are simply not happy today and they will never be happy until they change the way they go about forming their opinion of themselves! They keep allowing the opinion of other people determine what they think about themselves and when the opinion does not seem good then they unfortunately have a wrong impression of themselves! They are only in good mood when someone says something good about them or about the things that they are doing!
By now you need to know that there are no permanent friends but there are only permanent interests as they say in politics so when some people begin to give you a good impression of yourself that they barely do it could then be that they are just waiting to take undue advantage of you but they know the seeds they must sow to get that done!
Happiness cannot be given to you by any other person if you have not made a choice to be happy! I think that I am one of those people who have vowed to remain happy in the face of obvious challenges and not let the challenges determine the way I see myself or the way I think! I know that once the challenges do not change my thinking then I will overcome but once the challenges change my thinking it means that I will permanently be under the challenges!
You can be happy without external influences like drugs, alcohol, cloths, money, shoes, cars sex and many other things that you have thought about as the quick fix for the emotional issues in your life! You will soon realize that when you have these things they don’t satisfy you and you will start looking for something else that can satisfy you! Begin to search within you for the happiness that you are looking for in other people and you will realize that true and lasting happiness comes from within especially when it hinges on the purpose of your life or the reason you were born rather than trusting your happiness to come from external materials or people who are also in search of happiness!

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