Hard work is different from working hard – Fola Daniel Adelesi

You will be surprised to see that a man’s perception can be viewed from the statement I made above. Everybody believes that you must work hard to be able to achieve anything in life and you must keep working even after achieving what you want to achieve so that the success can be maintained or even surpassed depending on the vision of the person in question.
You will also be surprised to see that there are people who surely believe in working hard but much more than working hard they believe they cannot succeed if they do not do any hard work in their lives. You may want to ask what hard work is and what makes it different from working hard!
I have always used the example of two people working in Federal Power Cooperation to produce electricity for the nation, what those of us in Nigeria refer to as Power Holdings Company of Nigeria. One man sits in the office writing whatever it is that he is writing but another goes about in the hot scorching sun carrying ladders and climbing poles to fix wires and make sure there is electricity in the houses of the citizens. The amazing thing is that this man who sits in the office under the comfort of air conditioners will earn far more than the one who goes about carrying ladders and climbing poles. Now the one who sits in the office is the one working hard because those climbing poles cannot do anything until his pen and paper have come to a conclusion but those climbing poles are the ones doing hard work!
The one working hard though under AC has deadlines to meet and has to set goals for his subordinates. He also has to ensure that all the goals are met and apart from the goals being met he has to see to the general productivity of his staff. Now it takes working hard to be effective in that area. It takes working hard to be responsible for the activities of other people. The other man who goes about with ladders does not have to thin about other people in the organization. He only gets instructions and acts on the instructions given to him per time. It is real hard work for him to carry the ladder because he has to use his energy all of the time. Even while on the pole he still needs energy to stand properly on the ladder or else he will fall off.
What is the difference between these people you may want to ask? The difference is that they have different perceptions and mindsets. One believes in hard work to produce result. Until energy is required in the work he has to do he does not believe that he has worked. The other man who works hard knows he only needs to use his brain. All he needs is his mind to do whatever he wants to do. Whatever is mind conceives would be articulated clearly for others to do.
It therefore means that the man who is working hard has foresight but the one who wants hard work does not have foresight. Hard work does not plan but working hard plans what to do. Hard work is limited but working hard delegates and multiplies. Hard work gets lesser results or remuneration compared to his input but working hard gets much more than his input so work hard and pay those who want to do hard work.

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