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For those who do not understand so much about life, but they think they do, they always seek solutions outside the kingdom when the really hard times come for them. At the end of the day, because of the places they have gone to for solutions, they are going father from Jesus rather than drawing closer to Jesus.
You have to remember, as I have emphasized in some of my other articles on hardship or hard times, that hard times will always come. When they come, some of the objectives of the hard times you are facing is to draw you away from Jesus. If the hard times can draw you away from Jesus then the situation can deal with you as it pleases.
Think for a moment about a child who wants to be beaten by another person standing by. Unfortunately the person can’t beat the child just because the father is right there with them. The person then decides to lure the child out of the presence of the father. Instead of the child to stick closer to his father, the child then runs to another place. What do you think will happen to that child? The person who already wanted to deal with him will get a great deal of time to deal with the child and there may be no one to rescue.
If you don’t want to be dealt with by life’s situation so much so that even Jesus will not be able to rescue you, what you have to do is to draw closer rather than let the problem take you farther away from him. Jesus himself said ‘Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.’ (Matthew 11:28). It means He knows there are problems in life even as we try to become what we have chosen to be. He understands that people are working and are not getting results and can be frustrated because of that.
You may have looked at your life and you think that you really need to find a way to help yourself out if God is not going to help you quickly. Some people even try to help God. When you try to help God by providing quick solutions for yourself, what you end up doing is to create more problems for yourself. You get yourself deeper into things you don’t understand and cannot fix.
There is no problem you have or have gotten yourself into that cannot be fixed by God. That’s why Jesus said with men it may be impossible but with God all things are possible. Life can throw some real punches are you. Those punches can weigh you down and it may seem to take time for you to recover from those life’s punches. You will not pass out or breakdown or even die so long as you don’t move away from Jesus. You must get closer regardless of the hardship.
Jesus says we should cast all our cares on him. He wants to help us and he can only help us if we go closer to him in troubled times rather running away from him in troubled times. In fact, who would you run to? Who can help you? what will the person do for you that can fix all your challenges?
Don’t be like the child who is in the presence of his father and is running away to where the waiting predator can beat the living daylight out of him. You have a great God to run to and he is ever willing to help. So in the hard times, never let the hard times take God away from you.  
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