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Never lay your hands on the things that your mind has not approved! Never mind the things that your hands also detest! I think that one of the best counsels anyone can get is to make sure that what you are doing has some kind of co-ordination between the mind and the hands.
The reason it is important for you to ensure the harmony or the co-ordination between the mind and the hands before you do anything is that it is easy for you to start something but you will be drained of all mental and emotional energy if your mind is not in it. When you also start something that your hands are not willing to do, it will only be a matter of time before your lazy hands or unwilling hands in that regard begin to send some clear signals to your mind.
This is a time when you should never drain yourself. If you have to do anything you should be sure it is not what you are going to complain about. The author of the book, Gifted Hands, Dr. Ben Carson talked about the big breaks in medicine and how he had successfully separated some twins in company of other doctors. In the stories that he has written about these successful surgeries, one of the things I can pick as a pointer to success is the harmony or co-ordination between the mind and the hands. There were a number of times in the surgery room, according to his account, that he used more of his mind to do the job and his hands just followed the mind!
I know someone will say but you are always expected to use your mind! What else would he have used if not the mind? As much as that sounds very true I can say that we sometimes do not know that we are working against ourselves when we do not really have the desire to do something but our hands are on those things just because they are things we must do.
There are times you will set out to do something and you will just notice that you seem to be doing a lot but nothing seems to be making sense at all and nothing seems to be working in the situation that you have found yourself in. I think these is because you have a disconnect between the mind and the hands. We can go on and on in talking about setting goals and writing plans and ensuring a productive use of your time. If you do not know about the proper co-ordination between your mind and your hands on the things you have to do, you may be wasting more time than you can imagine.
One of the ways you can ensure that theres a proper co-ordination between your mind and your hands is to sometimes spend a lot of time thinking through a situation. When you spend a lot of time thinking through it, signals would have been sent to other parts of your body and by the time you set out to do that thing, all the part of your body agree with the signals from the mind. Another way round is to have your hands consistently work on something such that at a point your mind can easily accept any message on it when signals go back to your mind. When you think through situations and also practice some things a lot of times, you will end up in a situation where you can easily co-ordinate activities between your mind and your hands.
Start the co-ordination today and make your time count more than ever before to have a productive life!
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