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Every day we are faced with the need to make a decision and some of the decisions have to be made carefully, deliberately and once in a while, instantly with very little time left. It is not all the time that we get into the situation of having to make a decision within minutes without any other option being open to us. If we constantly find ourselves in a position where we always have to make a decision within minutes or our decisions look like emergency related decisions, it means that we are either taking the decision too early or too late. When we jump into decision making we will make hasty decisions and when we wait too long to take a decision, we might just make another hasty decision using the time frame left as the excuse.
There are troubles we are going through (as I explained in one of my posts on www.foladaniel.wordpress.com titled ‘Purpose driven pressure’) that are not necessary and I did say that one of the reasons for such is the hasty decisions we have made. It is therefore important to take a look at the things that can come up as a result of making hasty decisions and where to draw the line between hasty and quick decisions.
We must admit that one of the greatest gifts for problem solving is the ability to make quick decisions. There are times information will come to you and you will have to take decisions immediately. In these cases, you need to know that the important thing is not just making a decision. It is about being able to make the right decision for the moment and the long term without wasting time. This kind of skill is not developed overnight. You would have been through some processes and gathered some experiences. I should also say that an intuitive skill makes it easier for people to take decision quickly and the decision taken will be right for the moment and the long term.
When we are not careful and we make decisions too quickly, things can go wrong. In some cases, organizational leaders can be in a fix. They may need to make a decision where they are between the devil and the deep blue sea. The options available to them carry some unwanted consequences and at that moment, the option is to look at the one with lesser consequences for them or the organisation. That is also different from making hasty decisions. Some of the expected issues when decisions are made in haste are:
1. Pressure – You come under unnecessary pressures for making hasty decisions.
2. Trouble – You can get into some serious troubles that could have been avoided.
3. Losing what you have – It is possible to lose your job or properties in the case of using your properties as collateral. It can also be your integrity or every other thing you have ever worked so hard to get.
4. Losing your health – Once you are under pressure you can lose your peace. The grave consequences you are to face or are facing can then start deteriorating your health.
5. Time is wasted – You will end up losing so much time having to worry about the hasty decision and how to fix the problem it comes with.
6. Life can also be lost – Once your health starts deteriorating it can lead to death. We have also seen people who committed suicide as a result of the consequences from hasty decisions that they cannot face. Some will rather die than face the shame or go to jail.
You have to start now by drawing the line between hasty and quick decision. You will know that a decision is hasty when it is made without any pressure from outside at the time it is made. You probably just made the decision because you wanted something so badly. Slow down and take your time in making decisions.
Your life will be a lot better and you will enjoy some peace when you do not make hasty decisions. Start today by checking all the decisions you are making and take out the hasty ones to avoid serious pressures tomorrow.

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