Have you resigned from God’s job? – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Have you resigned from Gods Job | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, WCL, Wcc
I am beginning to wonder if some people consider the fringe benefits in Gods company not too motivating and have therefore decided to quit working for Him. You have a place in His company but the official records taken recently revealed that for some, the continued absence in their places of primary assignment for God has spanned more than a year! For others it is about months and almost running into years! A good number of the people on the payroll have also been very inconsistent from the record because you see them some of the times and at other times you do not see them.
Lets go back to the main question that will help us trace what we really need to trace. Have you resigned from Gods job? What did He call you to do and what are you doing right now? Where did he ask you to go and where are you right now? Where are the tools that he gave you to work with? Are they decaying where you kept them or you have simply used them for some other things that do not in any way align with the job description that He gave you at the beginning?
We once saw the example of an employee of God who said, woe betide me if I do not preach the gospel. He understood that he was an employee of God and that there was nothing else he could do apart from following the job description that was given to him. If you were called to preach and you are only consulting you cannot deceive God because the job descriptions are only similar and not the same. When you consult for people you only tell them solutions to problems based on principles and strategy but you dont talk about salvation and healing and power and authority given to the believer.
An employee is not the one who decides how to work for his employer. A man who felt that his employer did not know what he was doing by asking him to tell some people the truth and give them a second chance to live decided to do otherwise. His name was Jonah and was a senior civil servant by rank in Zion Universal Establishment. He changed the job description given to him and consequently changed his route. He had forgotten he was working for someone whose CCTV was everywhere and didnt have to call the security to get you or call a meeting for disciplinary actions to handle his nonchalance on the job.
If you are out of Gods job lets know you are out but you have to stop playing safe by remaining on His payroll and getting the fringe benefits of other companies like the way many people eat normally and still take food supplement.
You still have a chance to lay claim to your seat in this massive and universal company where you are currently assigned a primary assignment. You have to go back to the Bible, the human resource guide of this company and the Holy Spirit, the Human Resource Manager to confirm your appointment, get new identification tags and more importantly, request your job specification to be able to do your job effective and efficiently! God forbid that I resign my appointment in this Zion Universal Establishment! My life has been meaningful because the job description given to me is constantly before me, how about you!
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