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All over the social networks and other pages of the internet, I still see people talking about the death of Dr. Myles Munroe. Most of us are still in shock. A few people are trying to figure out why good people with so much to offer the world still die. His life is one to be celebrated no matter what has already happened.
I think that there are a couple of lessons to take away from his life and that’s one of the things I am focusing on. I remember hearing him say repeatedly that he discovered his purpose as a teenager. Your teens are also not too young to discover their purpose. You can make that happen for them.
It is sometimes very discouraging when I see teenagers around and the only thing they are focusing on is listening to the latest music and watching the latest videos. They can tell you the storyline of the latest movies without missing anything and you would not feel any better if you were in the cinema hall yourself. Even the very serious ones don’t know much outside of their academics when there is so much that they can learn in life.
Myles Munroe talked a lot about how he would spend time reading the Bible and he realized what he was supposed to become in life. That was how he knew that becoming rich or poor was something that he had to decide. We all celebrate the man who became famous and one of the best-selling authors in the world but we must realize that it did not start when he grew up and didn’t know what to do with himself. He had a foundation has a teenager and that was what he built upon to become the great man we all knew.
We need to use his life, the life of a man who came of a home with nothing, to challenge you and your teenagers on the fact that if they start something now, they can make the most out of their lives regardless of where they come from or what their limitations are. I remember him talking about living in the same room with his siblings and several roaches in the house. He used to talk about how he would become sick and his sister would carry him on the back in the middle of the night. He ended up employing that sister who used to take good care of him.
Things will not always happen so fast but if you start early enough you can make your mistakes and get back on track. Today I also see parents not allowing their teenagers getting on with the very things that appear to be their purpose. They think that those teenagers should strictly face their education. So you find out that very talented people who already have skills that can feed them all through life will go through school and end up looking for employments. We unconsciously kill the potentials of our kids.
If you have any teenager around you, please help them with the positive use of their potentials and let them become the best that they can ever be. It is obvious that some of the best people in the world started out as teens. And if you are a teenager reading this, don’t give up on your dreams. You will go a long way and the world will celebrate you.

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