He makes all things come alive | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Then He came and touched the open coffin, and those who carried him stood still. And He said, “Young man, I say to you, arise.” – Luke 7:14 NKJV
The God of greater things is the one who makes things come alive because he is the resurrection and life. There is nothing that can become so hopeless or lifeless that God cannot bring back to life. 
We have seen God prove himself severally in scriptures and the power at work, as seen in scriptures, is still as potent as it was. He is able to turn any situation around. He will also turn your situation around in the precious name of Jesus.
In Luke 7:14, we saw the child of a widow being taken to the cemetery for burial. The Bible records that the child is the only child. Now I don’t think the Bible just gave us that information just so that we can know. It is for a purpose. A widow certainly has no other companion apart from the child that is now dead. If the husband were alive, we may say there can be another child if they are not too old to have children. But the husband is not alive and the only child of the woman is now dead. This looks like a completely hopeless situation. In fact, one can say the woman has become desolate because she was now left alone.
While she was sorrowing over all the things happening in her life, Jesus came into the picture. He saw the dead child who was being taken away for burial and the Bible says he had compassion on her. Because of the compassion Jesus had on the widow, he commanded the child to come back to life. No other person would have been able to bring so much joy to the woman. All other people around would have consoled her and the best they could do would have been to encourage her.
No matter how good people are at speaking nicely or using encouraging words, their encouragement will only lift us for a while until the God of greateer things steps into the situation. Her hope would have been dashed permanently and she would be left alone. It is even possible that she would die almost immediately after her son’s burial if Jesus did not intervene.
What this means for you is that God will not watch you to get to that point where nothing can be done in your life again. God sees all that is happening to you and as the God that has been doing greater things, he will do those greater things in your life again. Nothing can be so hopeless that God cannot turn around. He specializes in doing the impossible and he will do the same for you.
Just as Jesus touched the coffin of the dead child and he came back to life, he will touch every precious thing in your life that seem to have gone into a comma or looks like is dead. You will look around and clearly see it can only be God. No other person could have done it. There will be a turn around and you will rejoice because of the greater things you will experience in Jesus name.

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