He will take reproach away | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Arise, O God, plead thine own cause: remember how the foolish man reproacheth thee daily. Psalms 74:22 KJV
When we read the book of Psalms from the beginning to the end, we will discover that the psalmist is someone who has gone through many ordeals just like we may be going through today. He had many struggles and so many enemies. He hardly rested all through his active years but one thing he never ceased to do was to call upon God.
As a teenager, David went to greet his brothers and also give food to them but there was trouble where they were. He said he could help out and people took his words to the king. I think that while he was being taken to the king was when his own brothers spoke up and asked him what he even came to do in the first place. So other people trusted him but his own brothers looked down on him. Thankfully, God arose for him and for Israel after he bragged about God. So from being looked down upon by his brothers, he became a teenage celebrity who was more celebrated than the king. His reproach was taken away in this particular case.
Apart from that victory, there was a time an evil spirit came upon Saul and people recommended David to play the harp so that when he played, the Spirit of the Lord will come down and the evil spirit will leave Saul. One would have thought that David should get the best of treatment but it was the other way round. Saul started trying to kill David by throwing javelins at him. So David, a very young man started fighting for his life.
Now in the text above, when the Psalmist talks about the foolish man reproaching God daily, he is reffering to different categories of people. Some of these people are not people who reporach God directly but people who reproach us because we serve God. They are people who use the ‘yet-to-be-fulfiilled’ promises of God against us. These kind of people are those who say, ‘how come your life is like this if you claim to serve God?’ Some people will come around you to check on you but you know, deep down, that they haven’t come to emphatise or console you. They have actually come to mock you. They came to see if there has been any progress in your life. And some of them will say, ‘has your God not done it? Why hasn’t he answered your prayer?’
So you may be in so many funny situations that will make people speak against the God that you serve. When that happens, they are reproaching your God. So God will arise and when he arises, he will plead his own cause and prove to people that He has not forgotten you. He will take every reporach away.
When there is a reproach in your life, there are people who should not be able to look up to you and talk but these people will open their mouths and talk anyhow. These are people who will even think twice before saying a word to you before but in the presence of a reproach, they just let their tongues loose and flog you with careless statements. In this situation, you need to cry unto God and He will arise for you.
I pray for you today, God will arise and as He arises for you, every form of reproach in your life that has made men to speak against your God will be taken away in Jesus name.

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