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One the most popular statements that people now utter is ‘heaven helps those who help themselves’ and it has already become so famous that some people think it’s a bible verse! I remember the story of a politician who was to deliver a speech in a religious assembly and he was doing so well until he decided to quote a bible verse! Unfortunately he quoted a bible verse that never existed and that was ‘heaven helps those who help themselves.’
Let’s come to look at those words critically and ask questions about the intention behind this popular quotation. When people say that heaven helps those who help themselves I think they sometimes use it to encourage lazy people to work and to let them know that if they don’t do anything they will never get any help from heaven. I understand the part that tries to encourage lazy people to work but I don’t understand why we should use the wrong words to pass across the message!
The other part that’s dangerous is when people are probably working together in the same office and one person tries to steal from the office while the other one is working hard just to get extra pay and probably getting more degrees so as to get better jobs and these two people are in a serious conversation about how they survive or how they will make it. You may find that the one who is stealing from the office will make the other one who getting more degrees realize that he’s wasting his time and may quote ‘heaven helps those who help themselves.’ Now that’s someone who’s stealing to help himself and is also saying heaven helps those who help themselves!
In some other cases, it may not even be a situation where someone is stealing and the other is working hard. It may just be a case of someone who has abilities and the other is weak! You can then find the one with abilities bragging about his abilities and saying that heaven will help those who help themselves! Let me say here specifically that HEAVEN WILL NOT help those who already have the capacity to help themselves. We have said for so many years that heaven will help us if we help ourselves and we really do not know that what heaven does is to withdraw from those who obviously can help themselves. If you are a bible reader then you should be familiar with the story of Jesus walking on water and Peter asking to walk on water as well to meet him midway. When Peter got on the water and doubted at some point, he began to sink but the interesting part is that Jesus did not reach out for Peter immediately. All through when he was going down and struggling with the water, Jesus simply watched until Peter asked for help! I think you can go back to the bible and read the fact that Peter was sinking in front of Jesus but was not helped when he tried to help himself until he stopped struggling and asked for help!
The help from heaven is specifically for those who are:
And only those who admit they need help!
We need to get this straight, if you can help yourself there is no need for help from another person. If your car breaks down on the highway and I can see that you will be able to help yourself, what’s the need trying to help you again? If there is something in the house that is malfunctioning and you can fix it yourself, would you call a technician to say, ‘hello, there’s a device in my house that’s malfunctioning but don’t worry I can fix it. I just called to tell you that I can fix it!’ Why are you calling the technician if you can fix it! If I am the technician and you call me to say that you can fix something you have just called me about then I will conclude that it’s not the device that needs to be fixed. It’s your brain that should be fixed!
Nobody asks for help when you don’t need help and even when you do, the people you’re asking help from may not offer it because it is obvious that you can help yourself and you must know that the same is true of heaven! If you want to get help from heaven you must admit that you need help and stop saying that heaven helps those who help themselves! If you can help yourself, don’t bother to call heaven’s help line but someone like me needs help! If you need help like me, simply call heaven’s help line and start by saying, ‘hello heaven, I really need your help and that’s because I can’t help myself!’
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  1. in addition to that sir..heaven definitely won’t help those who help themselves.and my own correction to that quote is this.”heaven would only help those who acknowledge heaven as the only source for their help”..ps 121-1 tell us heaven is the only source for our help..then pro3-5 tells us that we must then now acknowlegde heavenas the only source forour help..thank you.

  2. This makes sense. But how does this help us both individually and as a nation because it is clear we cannot help ourselves.

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