Heavy traffic to success! – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Sometimes I feel like the route to success is always packed with so many others driving down that lane but everyone needs to intermittently wait while driving not because we are not eager to succeed but because there are traffic lights on the success routes as well. While thinking that you already know the way to success and that all you will have to do is to accelerate until the finish line, the traffic lights come on at the least expected time and the least expected signal, the red light signifying stop, comes up.
Having the red light on while traveling down the road to success may not really be a problem for so many people so long as it will not be up for too long but sometimes it looks as if the red light has come and it is determined to stay as long as possible. For this reason a heavy traffic begins to build on the drive way to success and some people begin to form lanes where there are no lanes and if there are no traffic wardens some people just disregard the signals and they drive off.
The red light on the pathway to success are the signals that come up when we have challenges and the orange light comes up to encourage us. The green light often comes up to spur us on to act on the things that we have believed in and to keep moving until we see a signal to stop again. Jumping the queue on the route to success is the exact thing that some people will do because they are too impatient for the red light to go. Sometimes the active time of the red light could just be the time to meet a new friend quickly. They could be friends who will make the journey smoother or easier. I have heard stories about heavy traffic situations where those involved are supposed to be going for parties with cooked food. When they noticed they could not go further or that the party would have been over by the time they get to their destination, they brought out their food ate and also gave to over people in traffic. What they did was to make the best of the situation. When the red light comes up – challenges that question your belief and principles – it doesn’t always pay to look for a quick way out.
You must always realize that on the drive way to success one of the things to do is to watch your dash board consistently instead of looking at the road alone. Your dash board is always telling you something that you need to do – buying additional fuel, filling your carburetor with water – and something you have done or are doing – how long you have been driving and at what speed you have been traveling. If you don’t watch out for all of this and you are just concerned about reaching your destination, you may never reach that destination.
What this implies is that many of us think about getting to our destination without thinking about some of the things that will get us there even if we can’t get there without those things. Sometimes it will look as if there is a heavy traffic on the path that we have chosen to drive on to be able to succeed. That heavy traffic situation is still a great part of the journey. The window of your car can become a window of opportunity while stuck in traffic if you are looking at the right things or if you are seeing right. Don’t jump the line on the drive way to success. There is a lesson in the heavy traffic – your delays and challenges!


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