Help for hindrances against bursting out | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia. – Daniel 10:13.
We understand that there are hindrances against bursting out and when those hindrances are not taken care of, there is no way we can burst out. For us to burst out, help must come for us against all the hindrances. We may not be able to do anything by ourselves but we have the Almighty God who can never be helpless and can help anyone out of any situation.
During the Divine Appointment for the month, our Pastor in charge of province, Pastor Dele Jayeoba, highlighted five main hindrances against bursting out. Those hindrances are:

  1. Everlasting doors – These are generational and foundation problems.
  2. King Pharaoh – These can be stubborn pursuers. We know so well that Pharaoh was a stubborn pursuer of the children of Israel who would not let them leave the land of Egypt until God dealt with him. I pray that God will deal with every stubborn pursuer of your life in the name of Jesus.
  3. Rolled Stone – This refers to institutional and governmental barriers.
  4. Mother Rebecca – This talks about household enemies. You will recall that it was Rebecca, Esau’s mother that did not allow him get the father’s blessing from Isaac because of the other son, Jacob.
  5. Careless Esau – This is a case of self Imposed barrier. Esau himself was careless in a moment of hunger and because of that instant gratification, he lost his birthright. We may have done some things that got us into trouble or have become hindrances to our bursting out.

Yes, there are hindrances but as we can see in the main text, help was coming to Daniel and there was a hindrance against his help. Reinforcement came for the angel who was sent to help Daniel and he eventually got the help he needed. Whatever the hindrances are in your life today, you will receive help from above in the mighty name of Jesus.
Just like point number three refers to the case of Lazarus and the stone that was rolled against him, we know that if Jesus had not visited to tomb, the stone would have hindered him forever. When Jesus even visited and wanted to do something about the case of Lazarus, some people spoke up and asked Jesus not to bother. They said nothing can happen anymore. It’s too late. He’s been dead and buried for four days and by now, he stinks. What do you want to go and do there?
Well, thank God Jesus also spoke up, reminded them he is the resurrection and the life and he proved it. All the voices speaking against Lazarus were silenced when Jesus spoke up. I pray that every voice speaking against you will be silenced and Jesus will speak up for you in Jesus name. One of the most important things that Jesus said was the instruction to roll the stone. When the stone was rolled, he called Lazarus to come forth (burst out). Remember that when Lazarus came out, the Bible did not record that he was stinking our lifeless. He came out by the word of Jesus. Jesus also instructed the people around to untie him and that was the end of all hindrances against his bursting out. From today, you will burst out will great testimonies in the mighty name of Jesus.

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