Help from the enemies’ camp | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM

I was inspired one afternoon by an illustration given during Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s teaching where he wanted the congregation to see how God can raise help for them from the camp of the enemies. His main example was the life of David and how he escaped death severally as a result of the relationship he had with Jonathan who was the son of his enemy.
We all look to God for help and we must realize that the help we are looking up to him for will not always come the way we think about it. One day a man told God to give him money because he wanted to buy a car and he kept praying about the money. At some point he said God asked him, ‘are you interested in the money or the car?’ He said, ‘the car.’ Then God said, ‘if you are interested in the car then leave me to decide how the car will come instead of telling me to give you the money to buy the car.
I used that to buttress the point I started with. Sometimes I life we may need help and we often expect that the help must come from some specific quarters but we cannot rule out the fact that our help is not a stereotyped person who thinks and does things in the same way all the time. He is the one who never changes but constantly changes the way he does things.
David according to the main point in the teaching that inspired this piece was an innocent man who was just going about his business but there was someone running after his life from time to time. He knew this person wanted to kill him but he did not know when, where and how it was going to be done. All he did was to go about his business but someone had a divine affiliation with David from the camp of the enemy, not just anybody, it was the son of the main enemy and that was the person who was giving David the main information about how to escape the evil plans of the enemy at all times.
If he never had a helper in the camp of the enemy he probably would have died a long time ago. At the time when David’s son wanted to overthrow him he had to use the same strategy again to defeat him. Absalom got David’s most strategic adviser and that meant all odds were again him but he simply planted someone in their company who was contradicting every suggestion that the most strategic man thought he had a guarantee for. You need to remember that he did not only plant someone in their company, he was also praying that the counsel of Aithopel be turned to foolishness.
I wanted you to read from this piece so that you can understand how God can raise help for you from the camp of the enemies regarding your business, marriage, finance and any other thing that you can think about. This is what it mean when the Bible says, ‘you will hold your peace and God will fight for you.’ There are thing you do not have to struggle with anymore because the very area where it looks as if it will not work is where God is going to provide solution for you since he is the one who makes ways where there are no ways. I strongly pray that he raises help for you from the camp of your enemies!

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