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Many of us say that we believe in ourselves and we believe in the future that we are talking about. We say we have faith for big things that can possibly happen in our life. We always talk like people whose faith can move mountains until we are in a fix. But when faced with some situations, we begin to doubt if we truly have the belief or the faith that we claim to have. Have you really considered those issues that you are exercising faith on? Do you really have faith for those things or you are trying to profess the faith that you do not have? Remember, faith is an ‘activational’ force in our lives that makes things happen beyond the most amazing skills and intelligence.
In the book of Mr 9:24 from the Bible, we found an interesting moment when a father claims that he has faith but then immediately asks for help. It says, ‘ Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”(NKJV). Now I am really wondering why someone will say he believes but he also says help my unbelief. Even though the bible records that he cried with tears! Is the action of taking the child to the potential healer not enough to say that he believed? If he didn’t believe, you may ask, why would he take the child to him?
I think that simply exposes just how many of us go about our lives all the time. We profess faith and everything that we do show that we truly have faith but there is doubt somewhere in the corners of our hearts. It could be the little doubt in the corners of our hearts that are not allowing us to move forward in life. If we do not take away every doubt, we will continue to profess faith yet nothing will happen for us.
You have said severally that you have faith to go further in your academic pursuit despite the fact that you do not have sponsors. Are you wondering why it is still not happening for you now? Could it be that you are focusing more on the sponsors you do not have rather than focusing on the miracle finances God can give you so that your pursuit will become a reality? It looks like you are getting old and no one wants to marry you but you have a picture of a happy marriage in your heart. Take away the doubts that remind you of your weaknesses. Flush out the thoughts of the issues with your legs, tummy, fat or even the age that is not on your side. Just keep your gaze completely on the happy marriage. Don’t even try to force yourself on anyone to make it happen. The real faith in your heart will bring into your world what you are thinking about.
Maybe you need to thinking about what is happening in your life as it relates with the operations of a computer. You when you give too many commands at the same time to the computer the computer ends up hanging. Why does the computer hang? There are too many commands you are asking it to process at the same time and it does not have the capacity to do so. It will only respond to one at a time. It is the same with our lives. Our lives are like the computers that respond to the command of faith or doubt. Our lives cannot possibly respond to both faith and doubt at the same time. It will simply hang. That maybe why some things seem to be at a stand still in our lives. We want to process faith and doubt together when it is really no possible.
Like the man with the sick child, I also would have cried, I believe but help my unbelief. Meaning I am human. I have the tendencies to look at the situations sometimes rather than the solution. Please do not consider the fact that I once in a while look at the situation. Please help me until I get the solution. From today, you can move things or turn things around but you have to focus all energy and resources toward the faith for the results and not any other thing! That is important because a little doubt can ground an entire plane of faith!
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