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So many people want to succeed and it is really a great thing to desire success while working towards it but I think that one other more important thing apart from succeeding personally is to help some other people succeed in their chosen endeavours. Some people also think that they must have achieved the full measure of success that they desire before they can consider helping some other people but chances are that you will have very little of your life left by the time you achieve everything that makes you feel successful if you ever do!
Many people seem not to realize of have already forgotten that one of the ways to succeed is to simply be available to help others succeed in what they are trying to achieve as well! It also should not matter if you have succeeded or you are just trying to succeed because there will always be different levels of success and there will be different people you can help to get to new levels of success!
If you can pay the school fees of a child other than your children have you ever tried that? Did you at any point take a look at those around you to see that they are not in good condition and they need help either with clothing or food even when you can afford to help them get such things easily? When you were in a position to help people get jobs did you ever make any move? If you are still in the position to help people get jobs then I should ask if you are really doing anything about that? How come you know a lot of people and you have not even sent a recommendation to any of those people you know about those around you who need a job? It’s very important you constantly search within you and see those things that you can do to help other people succeed or get a life!
Is there a way you can introduce some legitimate businesses to other people such that when they get involved they would not have to beg? Have you done that? Do you know anything that can be of immense benefit to the lives of people around you and have you done anything about that? We should stop being nonchalant about the success of other people so long as it does not directly affect us.
Let’s constantly remember that what we do to others will be done to us as well so we just might find it easier to succeed in the things that we are trying to do when we have made it a habit to help other people around us.
In an attempt to be objective I should say that there would be areas where you need to draw the line and be sure if what you want to do can be called help or foolishness! Be wise about how you try to help other people but it should always be in your thoughts and in your plan to help someone succeed. I guess you might be able to connect with the fact that when you help other people you either make way for yourself to be helped or you make way for your children to be helped in places that you cannot imagine!
It should also be noted that when we try to succeed alone you will never be able to develop a society that way because a tree does not make a forest. One of the evidences of your success as well is that you have raised other successful people. It can be said that you have helped them directly so succeed either by providing some form of mentoring or recommendation or even financial support.
At every stage in your life always make it a part of your plan to help other people succeed because that is the way to grow and it’s one of the ways you can also succeed!
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