Help those who made mistakes | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

It is easier to judge people and quickly say what they could have done better than it is to talk about the way to help them out of their predicaments. We keep passing judgements and we never even see that there may be times when we did worse things than what we are judging others for. If people have made mistakes, we have a responsibility that compels us to do more than passing judgement on then.
There are people around you who really need help. In fact, I should say they desperately need help. They may not have turned out according to our expectation. They just may look like the black sheep in the family. That bad guy in your office or in the community may be the label on your mind for those you are seeing right now.
Yes, they have made mistakes but the next thing to do is not to pass judgment on them. You need to help them. If you don’t help them they probably will not get back on their feet and they have to keep dealing with some people passing judgment all the time. If you help them, you can save them from bigger troubles that may be right ahead of them.
What can I possibly do to help anyone who’s made a mistake you may be asking? I guess that’s a great question to ask right now. Well, you need to first of see the fact that you can help before even trying to create the logic for why and how to help. When you accept that you can help then it might be much easier to help the people around regardless of the mistakes they have made.
The first thing you have to do is to stop passing judgement. Sometimes the people who have made mistakes can get back on their feet just by knowing there is one person who is not blaming them or passing judgement on them even for their obvious flaws. Gradually, they begin to look up to this person for affirmation and they seek approval occasionally. When the desired approval comes, they are happy and they tend to do more positive things.
Can you see that? Just by stopping the judgment you have done at least three other things. The first is that they know you did not judge them. The second is that they seek to trust you. The third is that they want your approval.
I should also add that it is important to give them positive encouragement that leads them away from the paths of the mistakes and takes them into the right path they should be threading. If you keep them on the path of the mistakes, you are not helping them and you can pushing them to make a complete mess of a hopeful situation.
Sometimes we let others judge us so much that we conclude there is no hope for the entire future over one moment of mistake. One moment of a wrong decision can be disastrous but if we are looking at what can be done and not only what has already been done, the hands of the clock can be redirected.
I guess you know people around you who have made mistakes already. People may have condemned them right now. Maybe they are even isolating themselves just because they can’t stand the verdicts of people. I am requesting that you stand up and be the hope the need to be reintegrated. Be the hope they need to get back on their feet. Help them believe in themselves again and not see themselves as a failure just because of one event.
This will be a valuable seed that can even prevent someone from committing suicide and also go on to achieve great things in life. Please, I really beg you, to step up to helping someone who has made a mistake so that one mistake does not end their future!

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