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There are two kinds of people on this earth waking up daily and striving to achieve something really worthwhile. They have lofty ideas and you just can’t imagine how some of them came by the ideas. Their concepts will simply blow your mind. However, there are those who are helping their dreams and there are those who are helping their limits
Have you ever sat down to ask yourself questions about what you are doing and to see if those things are helping your dreams or helping your limits? Do you even wonder why things that are supposed to have happened for you have not happened yet? Why do you meet brick wall or how come it is now looking like the dream will never be accomplished?
You might be doing something ignorantly and that’s what I call helping your limits. Are you helping your dreams to become a reality or you are helping your limits to become bigger? Some people don’t even have the kind of limits they claim to have. They just want to be pitied and because they want to be pitied, they have to make sure they magnify their stories for others to pity them and then boost their limits.
The first thing people do to help their limits is the way they talk. When you see people who never talk themselves up then you can tell they will easily talk themselves down. Even when you don’t talk yourself down, things will naturally go down except you talk them up. You talk too much about what you don’t have. You dwell too much, in you talks, on what could have happened and what you could have had. Maybe you even refer to yourself as part of the masses. How can you want to be outstanding and rich yet you are referring to yourself as poor or as part of the masses? Poor people can’t do great things until poverty is taken away from their minds. Break the poverty in your mind first and your reality will change. When your reality changes, then you will not worry too much about achieving your dreams. Talk your dreams up and help your dreams rather than the limits. 
Actions that have not been taken are also some of the things helping our limits and not our dreams. Some people know the actions that ought to be taken but they just never take those actions. Sometimes the actions don’t cost them much. It can be a simple action. What you may have to do may not even require too much effort and you are still not taking action. When you do not take action, you are not helping your dreams. You are helping your limits as a result of your inaction.
Rationalizing possibilities is one other reason people don’t take action. I have seen people like that who take so much time to think through things. They spend all the time asking you to explain things or trying to explain every of their action to details. Their reasoning is beginning to kill their creativity and that of those with them. It is good to think about things and think through before jumping into them but when you are trying hard to rationalize everything, you may never do much as the end of the day.
Fears in your hearts will definitely cripple you. You can’t help your dreams with fears in your hearts. We all have to work on whatever it is that we are afraid of. Nothing good thrives under fear. The only way to get great things done is to discard the fear. As we exhibit more fear in our activities, we give the limits more voice. We should never, and for no justifiable reason, help the limits in our lives by admitting fears and promoting the fears.
You are bound to be great and one major thing you must do to be great is to help your dreams and not your fears. Don’t limit yourself in your thoughts and actions. When you don’t limit yourself in your mind and action, you will be helping your dreams and ultimately yourself.
That dream is possible … when you take off the limits! 

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