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Could you possibly be holding on for too long? Are you sure you’re not holding on to the wrong things and the wrong people for too long? There are things going on in our lives and some of them are coming up just because we are holding on for too long to the wrong things and the wrong people.
When the holding started, it didn’t look like much because it was not costing you anything and it was not hurting you. You took those issues lightly and after a while you just didn’t let go. Because you have refused to let go they have become issues for you. Unfortunately, you may not even admit that what you are holding unto is what is causing issues for you. You think it is something else and you are trying to fight those other things.
If only you will release those things you have been holding unto unnecessarily, you will have peace and your life will be a lot easier than you think it can ever be. When we hold on to things or other people for whatever reason, we hurt ourselves just as much as we thought we would hurt those people.
Some years back I heard another perspective to the ‘half-empty-half-full’ glass story. You may have heard that when a glass cup has water in it, someone will see it from the perspective of being full or being empty. The other side to it now is that you can hold the same glass for a while, either half full or half empty. When you start holding unto the glass cup it will not hurt. You feel so comfortable holding unto it. After a while your hand starts feeling heavy. Why does your hand feel heavy despite the fact that the glass cup has not added weight? It ought not to become heavier or feel heavier because no water has been added to the cup.
The only reason the cup will feel heavier is because you have been holding unto the glass for too long. The more you hold unto the glass the heavier it becomes. At some point you may find it hard to even feel your own fingers.
Just like the glass cup that can’t add more weight in your hands, there are some other things you are also holding unto. They look so light and even appear as things you can crush. You thought you could deal with them but if you are going to be honest with yourself, it going beyond what you thought. You are getting hurt and even feeling more pains compared to the things you are holding unto.
It’s time for you to enjoy yourself and have peace like never before. You can be at rest and just live your life. If you are going to live your life and have that peace you must let go all those seemingly little things you are holding unto. If you don’t there is no way you can also enjoy yourself.
Please be reminded that those things are never heavy but the longer you hold unto them the heavier they become. As they become heavier they also become pains for you. Think now about all those things you have been holding unto and those people you have held in your heart for too long. One after the other, begin to release them and as you release them you will notice that you are the better for it.

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