Holy Spirit in your work place | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I don’t know how smart your boss is but I know your boss is not as smart as the Holy Spirit! This has come to my mind in order to call the attention of a number of people who seem to be dealing with difficult bosses to this all important issue of relating with the Holy Spirit.
So many people want to perform in their places of work but they just keep meeting the brick walls strategically placed there by their ‘difficult bosses.’ You may know that you are very good at what you do but you just keep getting complaints or condemnation no matter how hard you try. There is little or no mention of what you are doing correctly but when you do something wrong there’s a lot noise! What you have done correctly may outweigh the things you have not done correctly but you don’t just get any reward for doing things right.
For some people, it’s so bad that they just can’t look up to their bosses in anyway. All the motivation they have is gone and they are thinking about quitting. The moment you also start thinking about quitting you then remember that there are doezens of people on the street who do not have a job and there’s no way you can meet your needs without the job. For the fear of being jobless, you often decide to stay on the job and keep tolerating the intellectual intimidation or harassment of your boss.
All I need to say is that you’ve had enough of the intimidation from your boss. Do you ever ask the Holy Spirit to help you when you set of for work? Have you ever thought about the fact you need the Holy Spirit more than you ever struggle to please your boss? In the bid to please your boss you lose your sleep or lose your peace because you have all done your very best and it’s still not appreciated! When you keep working on doing your best, you are simply struggling at a human capacity level!
Step up your game and be ahead of your boss by asking the Holy Spirit for help. You and I know that when you do what God tells you to do, no one can fault you! When anyone tries it, the person is looking for trouble! Stop struggling to please whoever it is that you work for and get help from the ultimate source of wisdom who can make brainees out of dummies!
If you have no relationship with Jesus it just will not make any sense asking for Holy Spirit’s help. Acknowledge Jesus as your Lord and Saviour right now. Ask him to come into your life and take charge. Tell him you will let him dictate the pace of your life from now on then tell him to send you the Holy Spirit as He promised. Believe me, when the Holy Spirit comes and you consult him, your work life will become unique!


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