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All around the world women are currently being celebrated and I think it is important for me to lend my voice to the list of professionals, opinion leaders, clergy, politicians and activists who are consistently advocating that women be treated with some respect or be honoured. Without being told that women should be honoured, I think if we bear in mind what women go through in order to sustain the human race we will appreciate their challenges and the great sacrifice they are making.
Some women have said that maybe men should be pregnant for just few days in order for them to understand what women go through in pregnancy. The pains, the inconvenience, the sleepless nights, the vomiting, the irritatingly mandatory and incessant urination nearly every minute, the labour pains itself, the possible tears that may occur during deliver or the deliberate tears by the doctors or even the operation that they may have to go through sometimes are all experiences that cannot be truly described. We can try with all the words available in our vocabulary but we will never get anywhere near close to the real feeling of what women go through just to birth another life.
If they have therefore accepted such daunting task as their responsibility or even fate, it will be necessary to appreciate that sacrifice by honouring them. You should never maltreat a woman or handle them as though you were handling your trash can! we all will not be alive today if all women decide that they do not want to go through labour pains anymore because men don’t appreciate what they went through. If you are not alive then you cannot even be thinking about maltreating someone!
For a moment let’s make a decision that will guide us all through our lives and live by it. Women are an important part of the continuity or sustenance of human race. There are several other reasons why women must be honoured but I have just chosen to come from the angle of the pains they go through just to birth another life. We all came from a woman’s womb and anytime we are tempted to smack another women let us remember the womb that brought us to this planet earth and be kind to other women.
This is not to say that some women are not troublesome! Some are really very troublesome but I can still say you should just walk away when such women get you angry! We must love our women and if we truly love them we will honour them. The first step for me is to ask everyone to promise that you will never raise your fingers against any woman again! If you feel like boxing or wrestling you can just walk into the stadium and challenge real men to a fight where you can even get paid for the fight! Women are not your punching bags! Honour them! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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