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Some years ago I used to spend time thinking about when people will get to see the works of my hands and ask to meet with me or even give me a place in their high profile meetings so I can talk to them. Later I realized that it was only a matter of time before honourables start looking for me.
I dare say that if you have been working hard with the skills deposited in you, it will only be a matter of time before honourables start looking for you. Some weeks back I was to compare an event and someone heard about it. The next question was ‘how did you get the link?’ There will be times when it looks like everything is just down.
While it seems as though all things are down and you keep working, there are those watching you and you may not know. They see all the details you put into your work when no one is watching. They get to notice how well you go about your business. As they watch you they are also seeing that you do things excellently when no one is even asking for what you have.
When the days of recommendation come, which will surely come, you will not be a hard sell for them. They already know you and they have seen what you can do. They know what you will be able to do if given the chance to finish things up.
So long as you don’t quit or think about cutting corners to get instant results, I can assure you that all your hard work will pay off. The right people will start coming after you. When they come all your pains will vanish because you will have reasons to smile. Then you will see that all the trouble you went through was really worth it.
I should also say that some of those you are really expecting to help you are already around the corner and they are watching you. Many people don’t seem to realize that the people who are going to help them are already watching. They think that it will be someone from a far place that they will meet in a miraculous manner. That’s why they are not putting in their best into what they are doing right now.
You should not be mocked or deceived. The things you are doing right now are the things that will be magnified. If you have been doing things right then you can look forward to meeting the honourables who will amplify your work and worth. If you have not been doing things right, you have a chance to fix them right now and not get into trouble when the honourables comes.
There are too many people waiting for help but they are not helping themselves. You need to help yourself by making sure you are doing what you can do and that you are doing it right. Do what needs to be done with all your strength and at the right time in the best quality. When things are done that way, it is only a matter of time before the noble men in the land start coming after you.
If you think you have been working so hard and no one knows you or you are trying hard to meet people, just wait a while. While waiting, keep doing what you are doing because noble men have a responsibility to search out what it good and in their search they will find you.

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