Like never before

The springs will flow

Fruitfulness will be our true colour

Men of double character

Will be strange in our eyes.

Anomalies will cease

In our plethora of expectations.

Traffic would be beauty to behold.

Hunger would be, but for

Men without mouth.

Hope beckons on Nigeria

For days too beautiful

For the word, ‘beauty,’ to describe

Our streets would be too real

For the streets you know now

And the streets to come.

It’s a new Nigeria

That will explain the

Beauty of heavens,

Not even to the fullest.

No news will go on air

Without the name Nigeria.

Heroes will spring up

Like flowers in autumn.

Loyalty of a dog

Would be found in men.

Serving spirits of camels

Will posses men.

Now it’s a baby eagle

But in maturity

It’s exploits will dazzle

For nations to behold.

It’s lamentations now

Would be confined

To history books

Intimidating paraphernelia in

In government will vanish

Elevator will open

For churches that

Don’t preach for money

Hatred would be scarce

Love would become culture

Password for our treasury

Will paint begging as crime.

We shall lend to nations

As our scriptural promise

As good folks comment

‘Our background will not

Permanently put our back

To the ground.’

Crops will yield

Beyond plans

You would be a Judas

Not to uphold our flag.

Green White Green will wave

Upon every home

With strength of horses

Men will fight for this nation

Then will labours

Of heroes past

Come to fruition

‘Cos God of creation

Navigates our noble cause.



Fola Daniel Adelesi

The Idea Doctor

7th Oct. 2006



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