How a seed brought my wife to me | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

About two years back when I was posted to Sokoto State, Nothern Nigeria, for National Youth Service Corps, I did make up my mind to get something meaningful out of the one year programme and in retrospect I think I did not only get something meaningful but have also got something I will keep for the rest of my life! This is also true because an act of generosity opened up a channel for me to meet the women who in two days from now will officially be my wife!
I met a young beautiful lady called Olufunsho in my platoon (platoon 6) when we were supposed to go out one afternoon for parade on the field. She was talking to another young gentlemen (I later found out that the other young man had been in the same tertiary institution with her and in the same fellowship) when I interrupted their conversation. Let’s just say I got interested in the conversation and I joined but I noticed the reservation of Olufunsho also popularly called Funsho. She probably didn’t like the fact that I came into the conversation uninvited but I continued and when she heard some of my meaningful contributions, she began to open up a little.
One thing that struck me about this young lady just before I joined the conversation was just her height, bright fair skin, neat dimples and sparkling white shirt. As much as I would now confess that those things got my attention, I never imagined a love relationship with this person. As a natural Sanguine, I am gifted at meeting people and establishing a relationship with so many people so I just thought it was going to be one of them. Well before that conversation ended that afternoon, I did something a little funny. I wanted to know the lady’s name but couldn’t just ask at that time so I took advantage of the fact that she is taller than me, bent down a little and checked out her name under the NYSC cap that she was wearing. I got it! Mission accomplished! That was it for that day!
The following day our paths crossed in church so I called out the name I had been a little shy to ask the previous day. She was a little surprised so I helped her by asking, ‘are you surpirised I know your name?’ ‘I told you yesterday,’ she replied. ‘No didn’t, I quickly reminded her. ‘How then did you know my name?’ ‘I bent down and checked under your cap yesterday,’ I replied.’ That sounded very funny to her but I was too much into my Sanguine nature to realize if what I did and confessed was okay. The important thing was that I wanted a friend and now the friendship has started.
Just a couple of days later there was a robbery case in some of the female hostels and my new friend’s phone was stolen. We got talking and she mentioned it. I think I became genuinely restless ever since she mentioned it! I kept asking myself, how can I have two mobile phones when one person’s phone has been stolen? I was about to give an excuse that I really needed the smaller phone because the big phone’s battery would go flat quickly but I had not peace in me for that excuse so I went out one afternoon to get a bucket of water and saw Funsho, my new friend, again. This is time I could not hold it any longer so I said to her, ‘I have a smaller phone I use just in case the battery of the bigger phone goes flat. I’ll charge the battery properly so that you can at least have something to use. Meet me at the OBS (Orientation Broadcasting Service) studio later in the afternoon to pick up the phone.
We met as agreed and she collected the phone. I did not tell her how she was going to get in touch with me to return the phone after the camp. I did not give her my phone line and deliberately did not ask her phone number even though I had expected her to retrieve the stolen phone line. The generosity meant much to her but I did not know how much! I just noticed that she kept coming back to the studio each time she was free and we would talk a lot. She would thank me for coming to her aid and then we talked about the platoon 6 we both belonged to.
I should say that we talked about a lot and got closer every day. The rest is history because we are now talking about getting married in 2 days’ time! I could have held unto that phone and probably would have lost a wife but I let it go and now, I have the phone and a wife!
NB: Our wedding is slated for 23rd & 24th of March 2012. This piece was published online on 22nd of March 2012.
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  1. Amazing…beautiful beginning. It sures pay to be selfless. Anything you keep is a harvest and anything you give is a seed. I equally met my husband during my NYSC. So happy for you. As you beginning this journey may the good Lord lead and direct you every step of the way in Jesus name. Your wedding is a success already!!! You will enjoy uncommon marital bliss…

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