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Building and acquiring new skills are very important to personal development and growth. You also need to know that if you do not either develop existing skills or build new ones, you are going to be stagnant and there is no way you can be relevant in the scheme of things anywhere you are. The way we were designed to operate is very interesting. The entire world is a network and to keep the network going we all have a role to play. Once we do not play our own role in the network there will be some problems somewhere. Now the issue is that to play your role in the network, you must have a set of skills that will allow you fit in properly and work effectively. That explains why you must build or acquire some skills.
To build skills means that you already have the innate abilities in some areas and all you need to do is to refine them. For someone who talks alot, you already have the innate ability for Public Speaking. What you then have to do is to build the skills for public speaking and can then decide to go into public speaking or broadcasting and any other related field. If you also have the innate ability to speak, chances are that you will make a good writer. It is not automatic but since you have a lot to say, all you have to do is to be first be disciplined enough to commit to writing and then refine you writing skills. You may have some other skills apart from this and you may be wondering which one do I build. I will get to that shortly.
When you cannot point to any physical skill that you have already in you then you have to acquire skills. It means you have to learn to do something well. The only difference here is that for you it was not in born while it is in born for others. Regardless of the fact that it is not inborn you can still learn the skill and excel so much at it once you are committed to learning. In some cases, there are people who have learnt some skills and they have turned out to be better people than those who had the innate ability.
It really does not matter if you acquired the skill or you have the skills in you. What matters is to know the right skill for you to develop so that you can be relevant in the scheme of things. So how do you know the skills to develop? I think the following will truly help you:
1. What is the passion that you will like to build a career from? Once you decide the passion from which you would like to build a career then you can easily tell which skill you need to build or acquire.
2. Are there problems around you that you will like to solve? The kind of solution you will want to proffer will also determine the kind of skills you will need to build.
3. What environment are you in? We all need survival skills that will help us fit into the environment that we are in. once you do not build survival skills for your environment then you will always find out that you feel frustrated in that environment.
4. Where is your organization or country going in the near future? I have come to realize that some of the most relevant people in life are people who have built skills in reparation for where the organization is headed or where the country is headed. These are the people who take the future of the organization or the country before it arrives.
5. Picture your old age and say to yourself what you would like to be remembered for in old age. Once you say what you would like to be remembered for, there must be some skills, if they have not been covered in the ones above that will be required for you to build. Until you build such skills, your old age will not be what you pictured.
Following my suggestions above will indeed help you to decide what skills you should build or acquire and once you have done that, you will realize that you are gradually contributing in your own way and becoming relevant to the society. Build or acquire that skill today and become relevant to your world!
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