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If you have come into this world then you know that there is a purpose for coming into this world. Apart from knowing that there is a purpose, it is important for you to know the specific purpose for your life and also fulfill that purpose. If you do not know the purpose for your life there is no way you can fulfill it. And as Dr. Myles Munroe has already said, in the absence of purpose abuse is inevitable. In my own words, I refer to people who do not know their purpose in life as malfunctioning human beings.
The reason I refer to them as malfunction human beings is that when a product does not function according to manufacturers’ specification or expectation, it is said to be malfunctioning. If you press the A button on your mobile phone and it gives you a D then there is something wrong. if your phone is expected to work for about 6 hours before powering off on low battery and it goes off while the battery is full, you will also say that the battery is malfunctioning. The reason you say that is because it is no longer working by the specification if the producer. When a man is not working according to the specification of his maker then he is also malfunctioning.
It is therefore important for you to know how not to malfunction. Before you can stop the malfunctioning, you have to find the manual that guides your life. You must know what is expected of you and how you are supposed to operate in life. Some of the tips that can get you started include the following:
1. Word of God – God is your maker or your manufacturer. It is therefore common sense to relate with him from time to time to know why he created you. If human beings create cloths, tables, chairs, cars, phones, books, computers for a reason then you should know that the Almighty God cannot just create things or people for decoration. You were created for a purpose and you can find that purpose by reading the word of your creator.
2. Holy Spirit – The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of your creator. He knows the mind of your creator as the word of the creator tells us. Since he knows the will of the creator and is also willing to help us, we can know the intention of the creator about our lives through him. The only way that the Holy Spirit will also tell us the will of the creator for us is to have a relationship with him and to always seek his help. He only helps those who seek his help.
3. Mentoring – There are those who have already found a path for their lives and they are living the expected path for them. These people can also help you find your purpose in life. They know what it is to have a purpose and work in the line or path of purpose. They can help you find and guide you towards fulfilling your purpose.
4. Natural Skills or Gifts – I have written severally and also taught in some meetings where I spoke that your natural gifts are pointers to something. You were not just given the gifts for fun. Every gift you carry is a pointer to a purpose. In this case you need to identify your gifts or skills and then ask yourself why you were given such gifts in the first place.
5. Environment – I think it is important for you to also note that you were not just born in your environment without a deliberate plan from God. There is a reason you were born in that environment. It could be that you are the one to solve some problems in that environment. God saw other places before allowing you to be born into that environment. So you need to ask why you were born into that environment that you have been born into.
6. The challenges you encounter – You should know that you are not the only one going through the challenges you are going through. There are some other people experiencing the same thing. It is also possible that the reason you are going through those challenges is so that you can be the solution provider. I have also told a number of people that any problem you have or any challenge you are going through is probably an opportunity for you to break through in life.
I am not saying that these are the only ways through which you can know your purpose but I really think that these tips will go a long way in helping you to know your purpose in life.
Remember that anyone who is not working according to the will of the manufacturer is malfunctioning. If you have not discovered your purpose, please begin the journey today. If you have discovered your purpose already, please start fulfilling it. If you have started fulfilling your purpose already, please stay on the path of purpose and bring in as many as possible.

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