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There are so many strategies that can take you very far in life but much more than the strategies, there are some very important things. One of them is the people in your life. You may know all the strategies for rising very fast in life and when you apply them, it may look like you know nothing! And in some cases, you may not know half the strategies that other people know but you may only know one person who takes you up in life it may never be necessary for you to know all the strategies that other people know!
That’s why I am asking how far these people can take you? When I say ‘these people,’ I am referring to the people in your life. They are the people who can also help you break protocols not in illegal ways but just by making your journey faster in life.
There are some people who have come to see that it is important to meet and know people. You need to connect, enagage, build relationships and be able to explore opportunities later in life. Some are doing these things but others are not and they are just complaining that they do not have anyone to help them. Rather than complaining that you do not have anyone to help you, what you have to do is to get out there and strategically connect with people.
Go for some social gatherings or corporate networking events! You just never can tell where you will be meeting that one person who can make a difference in your life. You may have been trying something for years and one day you will come across someone who will help you make it happen in months or even weeks! I have also seen in my life that when I start asking some questions, very soon someone will come into my life to give me the very answer that I need.
There are times you may not even be networking so that you can get much more from other people. Again, I have said in some of my articles that networking is never about you alone. There must be something you are also bringing on board. It also might be that you have some resources that you would have squandered if you don’t have some people in your life but when those people are around they help you multiply what you have. Those are the people who make one skill that you have look like several skills. You have a million in your hands and they can help you make hundreds of millions out of it. I need to clarify this so that you don’t think networking is only about getting things from other people.
You must also know that there are some people in your network who will offer you nothing but information. But the information be always be valuable! The information will be the type that can turn your life or business around!
Ask yourself again. How far can these people in your life take you?       

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