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There are several questions you have to answer in life and those questions will cover different areas of your life. One of those very important questions has to do with the visions and goals of your life such as the one above. How far have you gone? You will always have to answer from time to time how far you have gone on the things that you set out to do. In a corporate organization, you are expected to give a report when you are given assignments to do. It is the same with your life goals and vision. You have to account for it and answer how far you have gone. But I need to say that before you answer the question on how far you have gone, there are other questions you need to answer.
Who you are and who you want to become are very important questions that you must also answer but apart from those ones, you also need to answer questions like:
1. Where are you? – You need to know where you are in life. You need to be able to answer questions about your level and not necessarily your geographical location. This question about where you are is a question on if you have discovered yourself in life or what circumstances you are in. it may have to do with your finances, marital issues or business and career goals. So most times when you are asked ‘where are you in life,’ you need to be able to answer from the perspective of your vision for life or the circumstances that you are in.
2. How did you get there? – in Africa, one of the most popular sayings is that, ‘if you don’t know where you are going you will at least be able to retrace your steps to where you are coming from.’ That means you need to know how you got to where you are. If I can help in reminding you a little, then I will say to you that you got to where you are today by the kind of visions that you had five years ago.
3. Where are you going? – You and I can tell that there are so many confused people out there and the reason for the confusion is not far fetched! When you don’t know where you are going then you have every reason to be confused! It is important for you to sort, as early as possible, the issue of where you are going in life. Who or what do you envisage that you will become in life? What do you see yourself doing in another 30 years from now? What would you have accomplished? When you have all these clearly answered, your journey in life will be easier.
4. How do you intend to get there? – Apart from deciding where you are going in life, you must also answer the question of how you intend to get there. What action will you take on daily basis to get to where you are going? What do you need to know or what do you need to get that will help you on your way to where you are going? You can’t just say you are going to the top! Everybody wants to go to the top in life but the question is what will you do to get to the top or what your plan for getting to the top?
5. How far have you gone?
Now if you already have a vision and you already have a plan then I should ask you how far you have gone with the vision? How far with the implementation plans? How far with the required networking to get you to the place of your dreams? You cannot sit down and expect things to happen. Yo have to work hard at it and when you do, things will happen for you. You need to constantly review your progress with what you intend to achieve and when you do, you will know where to go next. If you need to take some things out you take them out and if you need to add some things you add them.
Don’t joke with a personal appraisal of your progress in life. So, how far have you gone?
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