How far with your vision | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

How far with your vision | © Fola Daniel Adelesi
I was not there when you caught your vision but I can picture you shouting, screaming, jumping and even running up and down in the room or within the house. To say that you were excited would be an understatement! The potentials were high and you pictured what was going to happen or how people were going to celebrate you when the vision finally comes through. In all of the weight of passion coming from the vision, you got out of the house and started talking to others about the vision. In fact, it was like you were selling a product thats about the most valuable and that people would die if they didnt buy it!
When you settled down to finally make the vision clear in writing you probably downloaded thousands of words pouring over into pages from the subconscious mind or from the realm of inspiration! For everyone who care to listen, you had so much to say because you were fired up and would do all that was required to accomplish the vision.
You probably even went as far as getting the idea registered or having a registered business to start something. Some even went as far as getting all the necessary documents to have the idea recognized as a legal business that can easily transact business and even employ other people. You have spent money and you have put time into trying to make it happen. It looked like you were going all the way!
Somewhere along the line you dont know what happened. You got caught up with a few other things, probably other peoples visions and legacies. You said some of these things:
-This vision is the best thing happening to me.
-My whole life is going into it.
-I dont have to take up a job.
-I am going to quit my job and face this business or passion.
-I dont care what people think about this.
-I am ready to pay the price.
I have a quick question for you. What happened to all the promises you made to yourself about your vision? Do you remember you have been going on for more than 3 to 5 years after you said you were going to quit to face your vision? What happened to the business you registered? What about the business plan you prepared and the proposals you wrote but never truly followed up?
I understand you may have been discourage somewhere along the line but is that enough to back out of the bigger picture? Common, get up and get back to your vision if what you are doing right now is not your vision. You have had it procrastinated long enough! Again, I say get up and get back to YOUR VISION!
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