How hackers work through social media.

1.Most hackers will begin by sending out a message making outrageous promises just to tempt readers who will then click their links. Sometimes they just mention your name in a very funny issue and because you are concerned about your name, you will click for further reading. They may be making statements like I just got my free Ipad now! Click here to get yours. It could be a promise on the latest iphone or some other electronic devices. Sometimes, its just a promise for free shopping!
2.When you click on their links (from a computer system), you will most likely see a look-alike login page for your social media accounts.
3.You will be required to login to your accounts
4.Once you login, their softwares automatically retrieve details from your account and begin to use your account to send the same messages that you received to your friends, fans and followers.
What to do
1.When you see such messages in your mailbox or social media accounts, make sure you do not click.
2.You may want to call the attention of the person whose account was used to send the message about the funny links just to let him or her know that his or her accounts have been compromised.
3.Advise the person to change passwords and in the bid to be proactive you can change your own password immediately.
4.Put up a disclaimer you must let people know that theres a new spam message going round. It has been sent to you and your account might just be used to send it to them. Let the people know you never sent any link and they should not click.
5.No celebrity or corporate organisation should neglect the use of a disclaimer because some of their fans may just follow through with any instruction coming from their pages without asking questions.
6.When changing your passwords, please consider using alphanumeric a combination of letters and figures to make it more difficult for hackers or other people who want to play smart on you.
Potential Impact!
1.Clicking such links in some cases may damage the device you are trying to use to access the link. Your computer system may crash.
2.Hackers just need a click from different users to keep spreading their viruses because the links are working through automated softwares.
3.Anyone whose account is used to send spam messages will look like a nuisance to other social media users because the messages are usually sent repeatedly.
What to note!
1.Hackers may be directly known to you and they may never be known to you.
2.In the case of a known hacker, this person may just want you to pay some money or frustrate what you are doing completely.
There is no need to be afraid about whatever the hackers are doing. Its just one of the challenges of the internet but what that means is that you must have a backup for most of the documents you upload on the internet.
I believe that this piece will be very useful to someone reading it either personally or for your organizations.
If you think this information has helped you in anyway please let me know. Thank you for your attention.

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