How important is choosing a school for your children? | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Parenting is about making several decisions that will have immediate and long term consequences. If you make the wrong decisions today, you will spend tomorrow correcting them. If you make the right decisions today, you will spend tomorrow relieving the memories of the sacrifices leading to the joy you’re seeing.
One of the most crucial decisions that parents will have to make is about the school their children will attend. While there may be few choices for some people to make because of the communities they live in, others have several options to choose from. They can look at the morale, values, history of the school, and the present students’ conduct.
As simple as this seems, it is one decision that divides people into several homes and you can’t imagine that it is the reason some fathers will not support the education of their children. You can’t imagine that marriages are breaking up just because parents need to decide the school their children will attend.
There are several things to look out for in any school you want to choose. Top on the list is the credibility of the school to deliver a good education. You don’t want to send your children to schools where they would have literacy but very little education. Some schools even abuse the minds of the children and the children would have been better off without education than attending such schools. You really want the mind of your children to be stretched in the right direction so that they can think and solve problems for themselves.
Today, I also see that one of the reasons some parents are paying through their noses to put their children in certain schools is that they’re positioning their children for connections. They know the children of some rich and influential people attend a certain school so they do all they can to get their children into the same school. They calculate that by the time their children are out of school, they would have been connected to some ‘supposedly right’ people.
Whatever influences the decision to take your children to a given school, make sure their well-being is considered and proper education is given to them. The school you take your children to plays a crucial role in parenting your children. While it is not the responsibility of the school to parent your children, the school clearly spends a lot of time with the children. By default, your schools parent your child or children.
Now you know that the schools are like co-parents for your children and with this knowledge, you don’t want to choose the wrong co-parents. I think many people will choose better schools with values above class or perception when they realise that they’re choosing co-parents for their children. The same effort you put into choosing who takes care of your children if you have to go out for a while is the same effort you should put into checking out the managers of the new school you’re sending your children to.
At the lower levels, the policy in our own house is that our children will not attend schools whose proprietors or managers are not well known to us. They have to be well known not because we want any favour from them. They have to be well known to us because we want to see the kind of people we’re entrusting the future and mental development of our children to.
Who are you choosing as the co-parents for your children? What do they believe in and what is the school feeding your children with?

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