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Some people do things a couple of times and before you say ‘Jack’ they say it’s not working and they give up on in. In one month they are into one thing and the next month they are already into another thing. So the question that just came to my mind is, ‘how many times should you fail?’ should you move on when something does not work once or how long should you keep trying?
I remember that some people once went to their great master asking him questions about how many times they should forget or forgive the offences against. When the master answered, he gave a stunning answer. He told them to forgive anyone who offends them 70 multiplied by 7 times in a day! Wow! That means people must have offended you 490 times in a single day before you even think about taking offense? That’s not even possible?
Let’s now tie that to the subject in focus. Most of us fail and we don’t forgive ourselves for failing. We look at ourselves differently and call ourselves names that we think others are calling us. Those people we think are calling us names probably don’t even have any idea what we are going through. Some of them are those who also secretly admire us.
Because we don’t forgive ourselves for failing, we them give up and don’t try again. If you learn to forgive yourself you will be able to try again and be willing to fail again. So how many times should be forgive ourselves for failing? I’ll recommend the same thing that great master recommend. Forgive yourself each time you fail and try again at least 490 times … in a day!
I’m sure you will say that’s not possible! Can you even fail 490 times in a day? If you can’t fail that much in a day then it means you have not reach the limit to not forgive yourself and try again in a day so you must keep trying. You have to keep pressing. You can’t give up until things work out for you.
Maybe you will also agree that it might be easier to give up on something that was never your passion. If something you choose to work on is your passion then giving up will never be an option.
While it is important to not give up so easily, it will also be wise to not do the same thing in the same manner every time you try again. You need to keep asking what did not work the last time and find out why it did not work. Stick with what works and keep figuring out what is yet to work and what can make it work.
That is the only way to not just exert energy and wear yourself out in the bid to try again. Please note that try again does not just mean do it again. It’s about finding a better way or a more productive way to do it.
You can if you will, and you should if you can! Keep at it until it works.     
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