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There are so many unhappy people all over the world and there a few people you can point to who are truly happy in their public and private lives but you will not have to work so hard to know why so many people are unhappy and why only a few are happy! In so many cases, the reason is money! There millions of people out there who are simply not happy just because of what they cannot afford to buy with the money that they don’t have and for a long time, the money they are really hoping to get determines if they will be happy or not.
This is something that happens a lot in our daily affairs and sometimes when you realize that your mood has suddenly changed, you may want to think deeply about to know the sudden change in your mood then you realize that there are certain things you would like to by either as necessities or just wants but you cannot afford to pay for them. In some cases you may spend several hours trying very hard to think about how you can get the money to buy that thing you so desire to have. When you cannot think of anything you can do that will quickly fetch you the money then you begin to think about borrowing the money to get it done! If you eventually get something to borrow you the money then you may be happy that at least you can now get what you have always wanted to buy!
A lot of people don’t quickly realize that the happiness that comes with borrowed money is short lived! You are only truly happy at that time when you have the borrowed money and you have bought the things you intended to buy! You will have your peace until the owner of the money comes knocking at your door for the money and at that time you get into a deeper sorrow because you have borrowed money and you need to repay it at a time when you don’t have any source of income that can help you get such money back! For some people, the next solution is to borrow money to settle borrowed money or get into another debt to settle a previous debt. Again, you only get into a temporary relief till the new creditor is ready to start asking for his money!
This problem of being happy only after getting some money and being sad when the money is gone or when a creditor comes knowing can only be solved when people begin to check what they spend their money on! There are people who are wise enough to invest borrowed money and after a while, they will be able to get back the borrowed money and have enough money to continue their investment! Some other people have borrowed money to buy things that get them into trouble or things that don’t just appreciate in commercial value but keep depreciating in commercial value!
One of the things we have to work on is to set our priorities right and make sure that we are buying the things we need and invest some of our money instead of spending everything! When you also wait till you get some money before you are truly happy then you should know that you have a lot of work to do on your mind set! If you don’t work on your mind set right now and see that the true wealth is not in the cash you have in your hands but the value you can offer, then you will always be sad until someone offers you money or you are able to work and get some money!
If you don’t see beyond having cash in your hands then your happiness will always be tied to having cash and you will never know happiness until you have the cash so take the mentality that ties your happiness to cash away from you and focus on what you can offer as a person in order to get more of what you want in life!
There are too many people who are not happy in life because they don’t have cash and they have brought some other emotional problems or even diseases on themselves just by attaching their mindset to the cash they have access to! Stop allowing money regulate your happiness, outgrow that level of being happy only when you have cash and liberate yourself from financial slavery!
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